Query Modeling Using Intra-Entity Knowledge Base Structure

2015 – 2016

This project aims to improve search engine effectiveness by using knowledge base (KB) entries to inform query expansion. While the intersection of KBs and information retrieval (IR) is a growing research area, this project proposes a novel approach to KB-based query modeling. In particular, this project proposes to let the structure that KB authors impose within individual KB entries guide the final query model. For instance, authors of Wikipedia pages divide individual entries into sections, subsections, bulleted lists, etc. The goal of this project is to use such intra-entity structure to derive highly focused query models. This project is a collaboration between Miles Efron, his Google sponsor, and a PhD student with the goal of advancing the state of the art in using structured knowledge bases to improve IR over unstructured documents.

Query Modeling Using Intra-Entity Knowledge Base Structure
Source: Wikipedia


Funding Agencies

Google — 2015 — $22,130

Research Areas

Information Retrieval