Transforming Taxonomic Interfaces


The goal of this research is to help researchers develop and use relatively simple tools to describe species in a way that make those descriptions easier to share with other scientists and easier for computers to process and analyze. The approach is bottom-up and iterative, involving the rapid prototyping of tools, combining of existing tools, and the tailoring of applications developed for one purpose but now being reused for this scientific activity. Innovation from this project is applicable to the long-term development of open source software initiatives serving labs throughout the world. The project provides rich, real-world training for graduate students in library and information sciences, training them to be much needed cross-disciplinary researchers in a field desperate for new experts.

Transforming Taxonomic Interfaces


Transforming Taxonomic Interfaces
Michael Twidale
Principal Investigator (PI)

Funding Agencies

National Science Foundation — 2014 — $421,200

Research Areas

Health and Bioinformatics, Design and Evaluation of Information Systems and Services, Education of Information Professionals, Science Processes