Instructional Resources

Instructional Resources

Syllabus Guidelines

Instructors are strongly encouraged to use this template as they create their syllabus for a course. Syllabi should be posted to Moodle.

See also  CITL's Syllabus Guide and Online Course In a Box

Moodle Guidelines

You are encouraged to use as many of the Moodle tools as you think would be useful in conjunction with your existing course materials. At minimum, we request that you add basic course information at the top block of the course Moodle page for quick reference:

  • Course title
  • Course number
  • Brief course description
  • Instructor/TA names and preferred contact info
  • Time and location of course
  • PDF of syllabus


Other recommendations of your course Moodle page:

  • Class information directly on the related week's block
  • Store all documents related to an assignment in the same place
  • Assignment submission activities should be found in the week they're due
  • Name discussion forums so as to inform students of their purpose (e.g.'Discuss challenges of this week's assignment' instead of 'Week 3 Forum')
  • If you manage assignments or other activities outside of Moodle, make this clear to students who may not be familiar with your methods
  • Map out schedule in advance (rather than updating one week at a time)


Access to Moodle is restricted to members of the iSchool community. Course-specific information including participant lists, forums, assignments, etc., are restricted to instructors, students enrolled in the class, and other authorized agents of the University of Illinois (e.g., site administrators, support staff, guest speakers, etc.).

If you have questions about Moodle or need assistance preparing materials for your course space, please contact the Instructional Technology and Design Office (ITD) at itd [at]

Designing Class Sessions

The ITD Office supports all iSchool instructors as they design campus and online course sessions. Please contact the Instructional Technology and Design Office (ITD) at itd [at] for assistance.

As instructors develop course plans and class sessions, some things to consider:

  • Analyze personal teaching style
  • Analyze students' learning characteristics and needs
  • Develop ways to receive feedback in real time
  • Structure discussions around problem solving
  • Defining roles of students for each session and provide incentive for participation
  • Look beyond tests and written papers to engage students 

For additional suggestions in face to face and online learning pedagogy: