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Mar. 4, 2013

GSLIS has enjoyed a long history of scholarly engagement with China, and a new exhibit currently on display in the GSLIS building highlights the work of faculty members Kate Williams and Abdul Alkalimat. Complete with photographs as well as publications and artifacts, the exhibit displays the impact of the School’s research, teaching, and service in community informatics in the country. The exhibit was organized by Assistant Professor Kate Williams.

“GSLIS has been traveling to China and welcoming Chinese scholars, librarians, and students for many years,” said Williams. “Now our expertise in community informatics is attracting special attention and energy.”

In 2010, Williams and Professor Alkalimat led an Illinois delegation to China and gave presentations at a number of campuses and libraries. During 2011 and 2012, the professors taught a community informatics summer course at Peking University to almost 100 students and librarians; the course collected and...