IS 490DB Introduction to Databases

The course provides students with both theoretical and practical training in good database design. By the end of the course students will create a conceptual data model using entity-relationship diagrams, understand the importance of referential integrity and how to enforce data integrity constraints when creating a database. Students will be proficient in writing basic queries in the structured query language (SQL) and have a general understanding of relational database theory including normalization. 

Learning objectives

  • Develop a general understanding of databases, and specific understanding of the relational database model
  • Gain experience with both the theoretical and practical aspects of good database design
  • Develop proficiency with entity-relationship modeling
  • Develop proficiency in creating tables, primary and foreign keys and attribute constraints
  • Write working queries in the structure query language (sql)
  • Understand general concepts involved in database operation

Recent syllabus

Scheduled Offerings

  • Summer 2019

    • IS490DBO
      Wed, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
      Kevin Trainor
      12 weeks
      Credit hours

Textbooks and Course Materials

Available from the Illinois Union Bookstore (IUB).