IS 490DB Introduction to Databases

The course provides students with both theoretical and practical training in good database design. By the end of the course students will create a conceptual data model using entity-relationship diagrams, understand the importance of referential integrity and how to enforce data integrity constraints when creating a database. Students will be proficient in writing basic queries in the structured query language (SQL) and have a general understanding of relational database theory including normalization. 

Learning objectives

  • Develop a general understanding of databases, and specific understanding of the relational database model
  • Gain experience with both the theoretical and practical aspects of good database design
  • Develop proficiency with entity-relationship modeling
  • Develop proficiency in creating tables, primary and foreign keys and attribute constraints
  • Write working queries in the structure query language (sql)
  • Understand general concepts involved in database operation

Recent syllabus

Scheduled Offerings

  • Summer 2019

    • IS490DBO
      Wed, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
      Kevin Trainor
      12 weeks
      Credit hours
  • Spring 2019

    • IS490DB
      Fri, 9:00 am - 11:50 am
      Room 131
      PLEASE NOTE: This section requires Microsoft Visio, which is only available on the Windows operating system. Mac users will need to install Windows virtually on their machine. While instructions will be provided, it is highly recommended for Mac users to have a computer w/at least 8GB RAM & 40GB hard drive space available to be able to successfully run the software.
      Tatum Hawkins
      16 weeks
      Credit hours

Textbooks and Course Materials

Available from the Illinois Union Bookstore (IUB).