IS 590PP Professional Communication for Library and Other Information Professionals

This course will identify the varieties of means and media used in professional communication, analyze the qualities that make those means successful and offer many opportunities to practice using them. The majority of job postings in libraries and other information organizations list amongst their required qualifications "excellent oral and written communication skills." How do we develop these skills and demonstrate them to potential employers as well as deploy them in our working lives? The course will touch briefly on the forms usually associated with business communication such as the resume and the effective email message. It will also discuss visual means of communication such as the slide deck, the poster and the data visualisation and how and when these are most effectively used, either as primary or supporting means of communication. We will address the identification and use of social media and digital means of communication for professional purposes. Most substantively, we will address important and complex genres of professional communication, such as developing grant applications and budget proposals, as well as reporting on the outcomes of funded initiatives and work on these as individuals and in teams. Students will also be asked to identify the type of organization of interest to them (public library, academic library, research lab, etc) and to engage with the course topics from the perspective of those organizations.

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