IS 590PV Privacy in the Internet Age

This course will examine the notion of privacy in its historical context, and in relation to existing and projected information/communication technologies and institutional arrangements. Topics covered include the nature of "identity"; protecting personal data; technologies for personal identification, societal surveillance, and privacy enhancement; technologies for describing, monitoring, and controlling levels of privacy; changes in cultural, legal, and policy understandings of privacy and privacy rights; needs for and approaches to privacy protection in a variety of institutions and industries; security-privacy interactions and policy implications; and specific cases such as privacy implications of automated transportation systems, medical records, online behavior, Google Maps, information mining, trans-border data flow, credit card theft, etc.

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Scheduled Offerings

  • Fall 2019

    • IS590PV
      Wed, 10:00 am - 12:50 pm
      Room 109
      Open to graduate students campuswide.
      Masooda Bashir, Yang Wang
      16 weeks
      Credit hours

Textbooks and Course Materials

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