iSchool Gift Funds

The following Funds have been established by generous alumni, faculty, students and friends of the School of Information Sciences. You may donate to any of these funds at any time. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Advancement, (217) 244-9577. 

iSchool students who have had their lives upended because of COVID-19 can receive emergency financial assistance through a new fund established at the iSchool. We are committed to helping our students who are struggling with loss of employment because of the pandemic and facing tough decisions of whether to buy groceries or pay rent. 

Annual Fund

Supports activities and programs benefiting students, alumni and faculty throughout the academic year. Our School depends on this fund for a variety of important expenses. State funds are limited and restricted.

MSLIS student support


  • Mary W. Barnes Scholarship
  • Margaret Caffall Scholarship
  • Dolores Dlesk Scholarship
  • Danuta Gorecki Endowed Scholarship
  • Herbert R. Hearsey and Laura Beth Hearsey Scholarship Fund
  • Miriam Herron Library Scholarship
  • Rose Bernice Phelps Scholarship
  • Almeda Toomey Scholarship Fund
  • H. W. Wilson Foundation Library Science Scholarship Fund
  • Sidney E. Berger and Michèle V. Cloonan Scholarship Fund
  • Stubblefield Scholarship
  • Ginny Murray Scholarship
  • School of Information Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • Anita and Marie Hostetter Scholarship
  • Goggin Scholarship Fund
  • L. H. Wilkinson Memorial Fund
  • Templeton Scholarship Fund
  • Blissard Scholarship Fund (given every other year)
  • Health Sciences Award

Youth services scholarships

  • Mary Louise Kaulfuss Scholarship
  • Anna Mae Koval Scholarship
  • Selma Richardson Fund

School librarianship

  • Louise Mecksroth Scholarship

Scholarships – specific requirements

  • Harold and Rose Marie Ames Scholarship
    Supports students who express commitment to promoting and enhancing international communications and understanding in librarianship
  • Elizabeth Jeanne Brucker Scholarship
    For a student who worked in a support position in a library prior to admission
  • Judith Duyi Chien Fellowship in Library Science
    Awarded during summer session only to a new student of outstanding promise in the LIS degree program
  • Eleanor Carruth Covey Scholarship
    Awarded to a female graduate student with demonstrated financial need
  • Nancy and Richard Gillfillan Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences Scholarship Fund
    To the extent allowed by law, preference shall be given to students who are United States citizens
  • George S. Bonn Endowment
    For students and the augmentation of resource materials in the Illinois Library System for teaching and research related to developing nations, especially those in Asia and in the Pacific Basin
  • Donald W. and Marilyn Krummel Endowment Fund
    To subsidize master's student expenses attending educational programs and professional events devoted to the history of the graphic and artifactual evidence of books 
  • Eliza Leuhm Latzer Scholarship
    For students in their final year of work leading to a LIS degree, who are residents of the State of Illinois, preferably those from Highland or Madison County
  • Graduate School of Library and Information Science LEEP Scholarship Fund
    Provides scholarships for students enrolled in the distance learning programs
  • Pauline Meyer Scholarship Fund
    Provides scholarships to students who intend to work as reference or public access librarians
  • Carl and Katherine Kirby Perrin Scholarship
    Scholarships for students with preference given to those from Hereford, Texas area   
  • Helen T. Stewart and Mildred Stewart Trust
    Annual scholarship or scholarships for an Iowa student who is interested in library science. If there is no Iowa student enrolled, the scholarship may be awarded to any other worthy student.
  • Tung-Li and Hui-Hsi Yuan Award
    To advance leadership in the field of library and information science in China. Recipients have demonstrated a commitment to work in the field of library and information science in China. 
  • Carl Volkmann Scholarship
    Provides scholarships to graduate students who wish to pursue a career in public librarianship
  • School of Information Sciences Class of ‘75 Scholarship Fund
    Support for students with demonstrated interest in applying their degree to work in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM fields)
  • Lucille H. Belcher Scholarship
    Supports students from Piatt County IL in public librarianship
  • Midwest Services Scholarship
    Support for students in Academic Librarianship
  • LIS Health Sciences Scholarship Fund
    Support for student who will work in a health science library
  • Laura M. and Paladugu V. Rao Scholarship
    Support for students with financial need
  • Kuang-Hwei "Janet" Lee Smeltzer Scholarship
    Support for students in academic librarianship who would contribute to the diversity of the profession
  • Stevenson Scholarship
    Support for students with financial need in youth services or school librarianship


  • Lionelle L. Elssesser Fellowship
  • Lois Wells Irwin Fellowship Fund
    For LIS students who are residents of Quincy, Illinois
  • Mildred M. Luther and Kathryn Luther Henderson Fellowship
    For students working in the areas of preservation and technical services
  • Katherine Sharp Alumni Challenge Fellowship Fund
    For students who have demonstrated financial need
  • Katherine L. Sharp Fellowship
    Provides support for lectures, scholarships, fellowships
  • Lucile Huntington Wilkinson Memorial Endowment Fund
    Provides scholarships and fellowships
  • Josie B. Houchons Fellowship
    Support for a student of outstanding promise 
  • F.C. Goodwin Estate Fellowship
    LIS support
  • Kathrine Sharp Fellowship  

Student awards

  • Alice Lohrer Award for Literature and Library Services for Youth
    Given annually to a student who shows outstanding promise in the field of literature and library services for youth
  • Bryce Allen Award
    Presented at convocation to a LIS student who demonstrates excellence in the field of reference services 
  • Kathryn Luther and William T Henderson Award
    Given to a student who demonstrated a record of service to the community (home, campus, fellow students etc.) through professional activities 
  • Anne M. Boyd Award
    Awarded to the LIS student considered in the judgement of the faculty to be the outstanding graduate of the year
  • Entrepreneurial Promise Award
    Awarded to a iSchool student who exhibits unusual creativity, reflects an innovative spirit and shows the most promise for an outstanding career in a special library, non-traditional library setting or as an entrepreneur
  • Edith Harris Camp Award
    Given at convocation in memory of Edith Harris Camp, to a student who inspires and cares for others with courage, creativity, art, laughter and friendship 
  • Herbert Goldhor Award for Public Librarianship
    Recognizes a student who shows great promise to influence the continuing development of public libraries, by the Friends of the Urbana Free Library
  • Peggy Harris Award
    Given to the student who most exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism, a concern for others and for the welfare of the iSchool
  • Health Sciences Information Management Award
    Recognizes an outstanding LIS student showing excellence and interest in entering the area of health sciences librarianship 
  • Information Systems/Technologies Award
    Recognizes the most significant achievement in information systems or application of information technologies by a student
  • Frances B. Jenkins Award in Library Science
    Given to a graduate student in library science who demonstrates an especially strong background and interest in science librarianship
  • ISAA Student Award
    Recognizes a student who "caught the spirit" of the library and information science profession while employed in a library or information setting and chose to enter the master's program. This student must have a strong commitment to return to a professional position in a library or information management position to help others "catch the spirit."
  • Joseph Rediger Librarian as Humanist Award
    Given annually to a student, who in the opinion of the faculty, best exhibits the characteristics of a humanist, broadly defined
  • Hazel Rediger Award
    Given annually to a student in Library and Information Science 
  • Raymond L. and Barbara O. Slanker iSchool Fund
    Provides scholarships or fellowships for MS and PhD students in LIS
  • Social Justice Award
    Given to a student who has shown a special interest in providing or enhancing library and information services to groups whose needs fall outside the parameters of traditional services
  • Zhou  Memorial Scholarship Award
    Provides scholarship/award to Chinese students enrolled in the LIS program

MSIM student support

  • Wilf Lancaster Scholarship

Doctoral student support

  • Boyd Rayward Fellowship
  • Berner-Nash Memorial Fund
    Support for doctoral students in LIS
  • Linda C. Smith Doctoral Student Endowment Fund
    Provides support for doctoral students including, but not limited to, travel, equipment and tuition.  Students must demonstrate financial need
  • Anita and Marie Hostetter Scholarship
    Provides support for one or more doctoral candidates in library science, who want to teach library science in an accredited library schools 
  • Walter H. and Geraldine K. Mauer Fellowship
  • Raymond L. and Barbara O. Slanker iSchool Fund
    Provides scholarships or fellowships for MS and PhD students in LIS

BS student support

  • Best undergraduate paper
    Determined by vote of the faculty

Emergency support for students

  • iSchool Student Emergency Fund
  • Curt McKay Student Need Endowment
  • Gordon Randall and Barbara Bartley Randall Student Fund

Student travel funds 

  • Molly Anne Dolan Travel Award
  • Harold Ladd Smith Jr. and Flora Lancaster Smith Endowment

Faculty support

  • Endowed Chair in the History of Libraries and the Information Professions
    This fund will eventually support an endowed chair.  Until that time and as money is contributed it will provide for an endowed professorship.  When the fund reaches $2M it will be it will convert to the School’s first endowed chair. This fund is designed to build on distinction, and to assist scholars to complete work that will make a difference in the library and information science field. 
  • Mildred Luther and Kathryn Luther Henderson Professorship
    The first endowed professorship for our School in preservation and technical services.
  • ISAA Endowed Professorship
    When the fund reaches $500,000 it will support a distinguished senior faculty member.
  • Leigh Estabrook Faculty Development Fund
    To support and encourage faculty members at the assistant and associate ranks, especially those working towards tenure, and to advanced doctoral students to support their research.
  • Ernest Reece Fund for Library Research
    To support studies and/or experimentation which could advance the effectiveness of library service or of education for librarianship.

Dean's special initiatives

These funds provide unrestricted support for special projects identified annually by the Dean. 

  • Susan F. and Clifford H. Haka Fund
  • Dorothy C. McAlister Endowment Fund
  • Susan F. and Clifford H. Haka Fund
  • Eugene B. and Ruth L. Jackson Fund
  • Ernest J. Reece Fund
  • L. H. Wilkinson Memorial Fund
  • Chester W. and Nadine C. Houston Endowment Fund

Lectures, centers, and special funds


  • P.L. Windsor Lectureship Fund
    Supports two lectures annually in the field of librarianship and its related subjects, by a well-known librarian or bibliographer
  • Otlet Lecture
    To be held every other year. Lecturers shall be leaders in the field of library ad information science who will discuss the historical context and the present and future impacts of cutting edge developments in the field
  • Taylor Willingham Fund
    Provide support for a speaker in change management every other year


  • Center for Children’s Books Outreach Endowment Fund
    Supports outreach activities for the CCB and the Gryphon Award for children's literature
  • Center for Children's Books (CCB) Betsy Hearne Fund
    Provides unrestricted support to the director of the CCB

Special funds

  • Alpha Chapter Beta Phi Mu Award Support Endowment Fund
    Support for awards presented annually
  • Community Engagement Fund
    Financial support for products and equipment utilized in service learning classes, which may be donated to the community organization students are working with   
  • Corporate Engagement Fund
    Provides support for costs associated with corporate engagement activities with our School
  • LIS Library Fund
    Supports the purchase of new LIS materials for the library at Illinois
  • Special Librarians Fund
    To support students interested in working in special libraries, such as libraries that are part of a business or organization or to promote special librarianship to students, vendors, academic researchers and practitioners/librarians by supporting activities and programs in the special library area
  • William T and Kathryn Luther Henderson Fund
    Used to defray maintenance costs of the William T and Kathryn Luther Henderson Conference Room and/or may be used to support teaching in the following areas: presentation of materials and technical service functions of libraries, archives, information centers and museums
  • ISAA Operating Fund
    Provides support for iSchool Alumni Association activities
  • Goldhor Memorial Fund