File Storage

U of I Box (File Storage)

U of I Box provides unlimited file storage space for students, staff, and faculty. U of I Box provides secure, legal storage and access of confidential FERPA data. In addition, U of I Box gives you the ability to share files with other users.

For more information, see the University of Illinois Box documentation

cPanel (Web Publishing)

cPanel offers a web-accessible file storage system that is available both within the iSchool building and remotely. To create your account you need to log into the iSchool cPanel service at

Once logged in the first thing you will want to do is go to "File Manager". There you will see a folder called "public_html". Any web files and resources in there will be web accessible.

For more information on how to upload and access files on your cPanel space visit the Web Development Resources Moodle space. 

Leaving the School

File storage will be available for two years after you graduate. Please consult our Leaving the School guide for more information on account expiration.