Networks & Wireless

For information on wired or wireless networking on the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign campus in general, please visit

Wired Access

Our wired network is limited to faculty, staff, and researchers using computers provided by the School. There are some wired connections in the building that are accessible to non-iSchool computers, including next to the Help Desk. Plugging in to these jacks will let you access sites on the domain only. You will need your University of Illinois account and VPN to connect to sites outside the university.

Wireless Access


IllinoisNet is a secure wireless network that uses your University credentials to connect. Once these credentials are stored on your machine you should be able to automatically connect to the network in most areas on campus.


IllinoisNet_Guest serves multiple purposes. It's main purpose is to allow guests temporary access to wireless at the University.

More details on how guests can connect to IllinoisNet_Guest can be found here:

IllinoisNet_Guest can also be used to configure devices to properly connect to IllinoisNet. If you're having trouble connecting to IllinoisNet you may want to connect to IllinoisNet_Guest instead.

More instructions for how to use IllinoisNet_Guest to configure IllinoisNet are available here:

Short-term wireless guest accounts

If you have guests who need access to the wireless network or who need to use the VPN from locations outside of campus, you can create short term accounts for them. These accounts are usually limited to a three day access period. If you need a longer time period, please contact the Help Desk.

For more information see:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

Tech Services offers a Virtual Private Network to allow students, faculty, and staff a way to connect to University resources securely even while working remotely. 

More information on how to download and install the VPN client are available here: