Room 242

Photo of Room 242 in the School of Information Sciences

Room capacity: 7 people (as of August 2020)

Equipment available:

Instructor's computer:

  • Dual boot Mac Mini running Mac and Windows

Internet access:

  • Ethernet port for instructor's computer
  • Ethernet port for iSchool-owned laptops
  • Ethernet port for personal laptops running Tech Services VPN
  • Wireless internet


  • LCD projector
  • Projector screen
  • HDMI cable for laptops


  • Ceiling mounted IP speakerphone (Clear one beamforming mic)

Other equipment:

  • Wired mouse for instructor's machine
  • Wired keyboard for instructor's machine
  • Bluetooth wireless mouse
  • Bluetooth wireless keyboard
  • Speakers.
  • Wireless presentation remote control (aka a "clicker")
  • USB hub
  • Whiteboard
  • Full room microphone