Corporate Engagement


In the business world, data is the key to innovation in research and development, client connections, efficiency, and growth. Information scientists are experts in creating solutions for businesses by analyzing problems, collecting and manipulating information, and predicting trends. Our researchers and students can work with you to address your specific information challenges through formal research collaborations or participation in our Corporate Roundtable. 

Corporate engagement provides unique opportunities for students' professional development, transforms research and teaching, and links industry with academia to shape the future of information in the workplace and beyond.

Connect with our students

Our graduates are prepared to tackle information challenges by using fundamental concepts of LIS to connect people, information, and technology in creative new ways. Those headed for the corporate world are positioned to work for you in areas like knowledge management, data analysis, and competitive intelligence. Contact our Employer Relations Coordinator, mplante [at] (Michele Plante), who can work with employers to  to post positions and view resumes on our electronic job board and is able to connect you with our graduating students and alumni.  Michele is also able to assist in connecting you with our current students who are eager to work with you on shorter projects in the form of internships and practica. For more information, visit our Careers page

Work with our researchers

Our researchers offer a wealth of experience and regularly partner with corporations and government institutions to advise on best practices, conduct transformative research, and develop computational solutions. We have three active research centers and a core group of experts who can address a wide range of academic and professional topics. 

Bring our expertise to your employees

We offer numerous opportunities for professional development, from networking opportunities through various events to formal coursework. Those interested in enrolling in our ALA-accredited Master of Science in library and information science program or gaining greater specialization through our Certificate of Advanced Study program have the option of part- or full-time enrollment either on campus or through our renowned Leep online learning option, or a combination of both. Our new Master of Science in information management will be offered on campus beginning in Fall 2016. To learn more about professional development opportunities or degree programs for your employees, please contact mbedward [at] (Meg Edwards), assistant dean for student affairs.

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Michele Plante, Employer Relations Coordinator
(217) 333-1102
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