Eunice Santos

Eunice E. Santos, Professor and Dean
112A LIS
(217) 333-3281

Primary administrative duties:

The Dean’s principal responsibility is coordinating the development of the School’s academic and organizational strategies.

Linda Smith, Professor and Executive Associate Dean

Linda C. Smith, Professor Emerita and Interim Executive Associate Dean
112E LIS
(217) 333-7742

Primary administrative duties:

Provide leadership for iSchool faculty affairs and administrative oversight for the work of the School's associate deans.

Sonya Chambers

Sonya Chambers, Associate Dean for Administration
112F LIS
(217) 265-0550

Primary administrative duties:

Provide executive leadership, oversight, and coordination for the School's administrative units and work closely with the dean and the other associate deans to advance the School's strategic initiatives.

Stephen Downie

J. Stephen Downie, Professor and Associate Dean for Research
209 LIS
(217) 265-5018

Primary administrative duties:

Strategy for project development; research agenda planning; research services and policy development; all other research-services issues and problems, including cost-sharing approval.

Emily Knox

Emily Knox, Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
112E LIS
(217) 300-0212

Primary administrative duties:

Leadership and oversight for academic programs, including program development, curriculum coordination, and continuous improvement of educational experiences.

Cindy Ashwill

Cindy Ashwill, Assistant Dean for Communications
Remote office
(217) 244-4643

Primary administrative duties:

Communications strategy executed through print, electronic, online, and social media; project, personnel, and budget management; publishing and editorial duties as managing editor of Library Trends.

Meg Edwards

Meg Edwards, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
121 LIS
(217) 244-3776

Primary administrative duties:

Oversee academic advising for MS and CAS degrees, career services, and student life and development for all iSchool students.

Jill Gengler, Director of Alumni Affairs

Jill Gengler, Director of Alumni Affairs
207 LIS
(217) 265-6252

Primary administrative duties:

Develop and manage programs that support iSchool alumni engagement, which includes planning alumni-centered events and designing programming to ensure productive engagement of students and alumni at every stage of their careers. Also oversee iSchool stewardship to ensure that donations are used in ways that support donor intent; thank and recognize donors.

Lori Kelso

Lori Kelso, Director of Human Resources
112B LIS
(217) 244-0418

Primary administrative duties:

Responsible for all human resource activities for the iSchool. Coordinate the human resources operations and serve as the primary contact for questions regarding HR policies and procedures.

Anita Nikolich

Anita Nikolich, Director of Research and Technology Innovation and Research Scientist

Primary administrative duties:


Vicki Van Uithoven

Vicki Van Uithoven, Director of Budget and Planning
112C LIS
(217) 239-6080

Primary administrative duties:

Oversee the business and financial activities of the iSchool.

Photo of Moises Orozco Villicana, Director of Enrollment Management

Moises Orozco Villicana, Director of Enrollment Management
222 LIS
(217) 300-5007

Primary administrative duties:

Oversight for recruitment and admissions operations, managing numerous strategies and programs to attract the most talented and diverse students across the degree programs offered at the iSchool.

Sara Schwebel

Sara Schwebel, Professor and Director of The Center for Children's Books (CCB)

Primary administrative duties:

Directs The Center for Children's Books, which fosters research on youth media and culture, hosts a variety of youth and book-related events, and houses a special collection of over 16,000 books for youth. 

Bertram Ludäscher

Bertram Ludäscher, Professor and Director of the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS)
312 LIS

Catherine Blake

Catherine Blake, Associate Professor, MS/IM Program Director, and Associate Director, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship
303 LIS
(217) 333-0115

Primary administrative duties:

The MS/IM program director manages program operations and strategic planning. Other duties include coordinating recruitment, admissions, curriculum development, course scheduling, advising,  job placement, and career paths.

Maria Bonn

Maria Bonn, Associate Professor and MS/LIS Program Director
338 LIS

Primary administrative duties:

The MS/LIS program director works to coordinate the overall functioning and success of the program, including curriculum development as well as aspects of recruitment, retention, and advancement of MS/LIS students.

Professor Michael Twidale

Michael Twidale, Professor and Interim PhD Program Director
336 LIS
(217) 265-0510

Primary administrative duties:

The PhD program director plays a critical role in the overall coordination of the PhD program, working with faculty and staff in areas such as recruitment and admissions, curriculum, academic advising, career services, fellowships, and program assessment and reporting.

Judith Pintar

Judith Pintar, Teaching Associate Professor and Acting BS/IS Program Director
616 E. Green St., Suite 210
(217) 333-3280

Primary administrative duties:

The BS/IS program director provides strategic planning for the program especially in the areas of curriculum development, course scheduling, and program assessment.