Cass Mabbott

Cass Mabbott

Doctoral Student

MLIS, University of Washington

Research focus

Critical theory in LIS education and information organizations. Information behavior of children. Youth services in public libraries with emphasis on diverse users. Children's literature. Research methods. Management of public libraries.

Publications & Papers

African American Expression in Print and Digital Culture Conference, Madison, 2014. "Creating Justice in Children’s Literature: Charlemae Rollins’ Quest for Publishing Equity." (paper)

Library Research Seminar VI, Champaign, 2014. "Closing the App Gap: From Plan to Project." (poster)

ASIS&T Conference, Seattle, 2014. "Closing the App Gap: From Plan to Project." (poster)

Library History Seminar XIII, Boston, 2015. "Charlemae Rollins, Children’s Programming at the Hall Branch Library, and the Chicago Black Renaissance." (paper)

ALISE Conference, Boston, 2015. "We Need Diverse Books Campaign and Critical Race Theory." (poster)

iConference, Philadelphia, 2015. "We Need Diverse Books and Critical Theory: A Call to Action." (poster)

IConference, Philadelphia, 2015. Student volunteer.

SHARP Conference, Paris, 2016. "The Language of Illustrations." (presentation)

The Information Behaviour Conference, Zadar, 2016. Doctoral workshop and co-author of "Writing and reading the resuts: the reporting of rigour strategies in information beahviour research as evident in the published proceedings of the biennial ISIC conferences, 1996 - 2014."