Daniel Katz

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Assistant Director for Scientific Software and Applications, NCSA; Research Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer Science

PhD, MS, BS, Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University

4102A NCSA
(217) 244-8000
dskatz [at] illinois.edu

Research Focus

Development and use of advanced cyberinfrastructure to solve challenging problems at multiple scale. Technical: Applications, algorithms, fault tolerance, and programming in parallel and distributed computing. Policy: citation and credit mechanisms and practices associated with software and data, organization and community practices for collaboration, and career paths for computing researchers.

Research Projects

Research Software Credit and Sustainability

An ever-increasing fraction of research is dependent on software, much of it developed in academia. But the developers are often not recognized or rewarded for their contributions in the academic systems. In addition to recognition, resources are needed to sustain research software: to continue to make it available in the future, on new platforms, meeting new needs.