Jerome McDonough

Associate Professor

PhD, Library and Information Studies, Berkeley

Research focus

Sociotechnical and social constructionist approaches to design and development of information systems; digital preservation and knowledge curation; metadata and information.


Jerome McDonough was a member of the faculty of the School from 2005-2021. His research focused on sociotechnical aspects of digital libraries, with a particular interest in issues of metadata and description as well as digital preservation of complex media and software. Prior to joining the faculty at the iSchool, McDonough served as the head of the Digital Library Development Team for New York University. He also was an active participant in metadata standards activities for digital libraries, having served as chair of the METS Editorial Board as well as a member of the NISO Standards Development Committee and on the ODRL International Advisory Board.

McDonough completed his doctoral studies the U.C. Berkeley School of Library & Information Studies in 2000. His dissertation, "Under Construction: The Application of a Feminist Sociology to Information Systems Design," investigated the construction of identity in graphical, computed-mediated communication systems and the influence that CMC system designers may yield on their users' presentation of self.

Office hours

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Publications & Papers

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