The iSchool is pleased to host a small number of Scholars-in-Residence each year. Scholars-in-Residence are involved in the intellectual life of the School. They may work with faculty and students on specific research projects, offer guest lectures about their research, and attend the many study groups, talks, and formal presentations within the School and the wider University.

We welcome requests from international and U.S. visitors and the opportunity to work with them; however, the School receives many more applications each year than it can accept. In reviewing applications, the School's Executive Committee evaluates the past experience and research proposal of the individual. Priority is given to applicants working in current research areas of those faculty who will be on campus during the proposed visit. We also give preference to individuals who hold the doctoral degree and are actively engaged as researchers at other institutions. Students currently enrolled in degree programs at other universities and wishing to visit the School should consult our Policy on Visiting Students.

International visitors who are currently employed in a library, information center, or archive should also consider applying to the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs based at the University of Illinois Library. Students interested in coursework, independent study, or graduate programs should see our Programs of Study.

Although the School is unable to provide financial support, each Scholar-in-Residence is given a workspace, university library access, a computer account and assistance in locating housing. Visits may last up to one calendar year.

Application Process

Individuals interested in an affiliation with the iSchool as a Scholar-in-Residence need to submit an application, electronically via e-mail, as an attachment, or through normal postal channels. It must include the following information:

  1. Letter of intent indicating a desire to visit the University of Illinois and the expected dates of the visit as well as sources of financial support (Please note, the U.S. State Department requires a guarantee of support for all individuals who are not citizens of the United States.)
  2. Current curriculum vita (resume)
  3. Statement of specific research interests, including proposed plan of work while at Illinois (The applicant should indicate if any special technology or information resources will be needed, including information about type of computer and software needed to support basic academic work.)
  4. List of other universities to which applicant has applied and reasons why application is being made to the University of Illinois/the iSchool
  5. Names, addresses, phone number and e-mail of three individuals who may be contacted for references (regarding the applicant's scholarly ability and facility with written and spoken English, should English not be the applicant's first language)

Once all the above information is provided, applicants will be notified within three months about our decision on their application.

Applications should be sent directly to:

Scholars-in-Residence Program
School of Information Sciences
501 East Daniel, (MC-493)
Champaign, IL 61820-6211
Email: sir [at]

Questions about the process or status of an application should be directed to: cledward [at] (Candy Edwards).

Letters sent directly to individual faculty members are forwarded to the dean's office. It is not necessary for an applicant to send multiple requests to various faculty members, nor will it improve the applicant's chances for acceptance as a Scholar-in-Residence.

Once accepted, the individual will be required to submit proof of funding (the current rate is a minimum of $900/month for the scholar and $500/month for each accompanying dependent--but it may change in the future) and of health insurance coverage (alternatively, this may be purchased when in the U.S.). The University will assist in completing the paperwork to obtain a J-1 Visa from the United States government. Additional information of interest to international visitors can be found on the Illinois International website.



Guan Jiang (2/26/18 - 8/15/18). Associate Professor, School of Management, Tianjin Normal University.

Live Haandlykken Kvale (2/21/18 - 6/30/18). Doctoral candidate, Oslo Metropolitan University.

Jiying Sun (3/1/18 - 2/28/19). Assistant Professor, Tianjin Normal University.


Xiangjun Feng (8/16/17 - 8/24/18). Lecturer, Department of Information Resource Management, Business School, Nankai University.

Linlin Song (9/6/17 - 8/27/18). Associate Professor, School of Information Management, Sun Yat-Sen University.

Yixiao Liu (8/28/17 - 8/14/18). Doctoral candidate, School of Information Management, Nanjing University.

Xinrui Wang (12/1/17 - 2/28/18). Master of Science student, Archival Information Management, National Science Library, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Wenbo Zhou (8/28/17 - 9/1/18). Doctoral candidate, Nankai University.


Yunhuan Fan (9/6/17 - 12/17/17). Librarian, Information Consultation Division Library, Shanghai. 

Ya Gao (9/1/16 - 8/31/17). Doctoral candidate, School of Information Management, Sun Yat-sen University.

Chul Wan Kwak (8/16/16 - 8/15/17). Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Kangnam University.

Han (Hannah) Liu (9/1/16 - 8/13/17). Visiting scholar/doctoral student, Department of Information Management, Peking University.

Jing Yuan (1/6/17 - 12/15/17). Associate Professor, School of Information Management, Zhengzhou University.

Xi Zhang (1/6/17 - 12/29/17). Lecturer, Department of Library, Information and Archives, Shanghai University.

Yigang Zhou (3/20/16 - 3/19/17). Associate professor, Peking University Library, Information Technology and Data Center.


Lu Shanshan (9/16/15 - 9/15/16). Associate professor, Hubei University of Education.

Rubem Borges Teixeira Ramos (1/30/15 - 12/31/15). Assistant professor of librarianship and information management, Universidade Federal de Goiás.

Qiong Tang (6/19/15 - 6/21/16). Associate professor, School of Information Management, Sun Yat-sen University.

Débora Cristina Corrêa (10/16/15 - 4/31/16). Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of Sao Paulo.

Miguel Centelles Velilla (10/20/15 - 11/13/15). Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Science, Universitat de Barcelona.


Ning Chen (7/21/14 - 8/15/15). Associate Professor, School of Information Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology.

Xiang Liu (8/25/14 - 8/15/15). Associate Professor, School of Information Management, Central China Normal University.

Xiudan Yang (8/31/14 - 2/28/15). Professor and Director, Master of Library and Information Studies, College of Management, Hebei University.


Xiaoguang Wang (8/16/13 - 8/15/14). Associate Professor, School of Information Management, Center for Information Resources Management, Wuhan University.


Yu Liu (8/21/12 - 8/15/13). Assistant Professor, Department of Library, Information and Archives, Shanghai University.

Sufang Wang (8/24/12 - 8/23/13). Assistant Professor, School of Public Administration, Zhejiang University.


Rosa Inês de Novais Cordeiro (8/25/10 - 2/15/11). Professor, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niterói, Brasil; Instituto de Arte e Comunicação Social (IACS)/Departamento de Ciência da Informação (GCI).

Congjing Ran (1/05/10 - 6/28/11). Lecturer, School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.


Xiaozhao Deng (8/16/09 - 8/15/10). Professor, School of Computer & Information Science, Southwest University, Chongqing, China.

Congjing Ran (1/5/2010 - 12/19/2010). Lecturer, School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

Xiaoxiong Xu (9/24/09 - 3/22/10). Associate Professor, College of Teacher Education, NingBo University, NingBo City, The People's Republic of China.


Jianhai Ruan (2/26/08 - 2/27/09). Professor and Deputy Director of the Library, Adjunct Professor of Information Science, Southwest University, Beibei, Chongqing, People's Republic of China.


Elina, Harju (1/16/07 - 6/15/07). Project Manager, Tampere City Library, Tempere, Finland.

Theresa Mayette Rivera (10/10/06 - 2/28/07). Associate Professor, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.


Min Jin (8/17/04 - 8/15/05). Professor, Kyungnan University, Republic of Korea.

Anne-Marie Bertrand (5/30/05 - 7/28/05). French Researcher, Paris, France.

Madaiah Krishnamurthy (1/12/04 - 6/29/04). Senior Assistant Librarian, Indian Statistical Institute of Bangalore, India.


Poornima Narayana. Deputy Head, ICAST (Information Centre), National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India.

Pravakar Rath. Senior Lecturer, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India.


P. V. Konnur (8/21/02 - 2/08/03). University Librarian, Goa University Library, India.

Pradip Kumar Upadhyay (8/21/02 - 2/08/03). Scientist and Head of the Library, National Informatics Centre in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, New Delhi, India.


Yong-Jae Lee (8/21/01 - 8/14/02). Department of Library, Archives, and Information Studies. Pusan National University. Republic of Korea.


Wei Wang (8/21/00 - 1/2/01). Department of Library and Information Science, Zhongshan University, The People's Republic of China.

Julian Warner (2/1/00 - 9/30/00). Faculty of Information Studies, The Queen's University of Belfast. Northern Ireland, U.K.

Ming-yueh Tsay (7/30/00 - 9/30/00). Department of Educational Media and Library Science, Tamkang University, Taiwan R.O.C.


Huanwen Chen (8/21/98 - 2/24/99). Department of Library and Information Science, Zhongshan University, The People's Republic of China.

Bente Elkjaer (6/25/98 - 12/31/98). Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Uma Kanjilal (8/15/99 - 2/14/00). Indira Gandhi National Open University in New Delhi, India.

Jorg Strubing (1/28/98 - 8/20/98). Free University of Berlin, Germany.


Eun-Gyoung Han (7/31/97 - 2/13/98). Assistant Professor, University of Korea.

Abdullahi Musa Ibrahim (10/27/97 - 10/31/98). Lecturer, Department of Library Science, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria.


Michele Cloonan (9/1/96 - 8/31/97). Curator of Printed Books, Smith College Libraries, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Elza Maria Ferraz Barboza (9/3/96 - 1/28/97). Brazilian Institute for Information in Science & Technology, Brazil.


Seung-Hee Sohn (8/94 - 5/95). Associate Professor, Sang Myung Women’s University, Seoul Korea.

Jesper Döpping (1/24/95 - 7/95). Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Ian Young (6/92). Reference Librarian, University College of Cape Breton, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dr. Geoffrey C. Bowker (7/1/92 - 6/30/93). Director of National Archive for the History of Computing, University of Manchester, England.


Nicoleta Vida (8/91 - 7/92). University of Paris, France.

Note: if you were a Scholar-in-Residence (called "Visiting Scholar" in the past) at the School and wish your name to be added to this list, please contact cledward [at] (Candy Edwards) with the specifics dates of your residency.