Ian Brooks

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Research Scientist

PhD, Bryn Mawr College

(217) 333-6080
ianb [at] illinois.edu

Curriculum Vitae   

Research Focus

Public and global health informatics, epidemiology, cyberinfrastructure, data analytics, and One Health.

Other Professional Appointments

Director of Health Sciences, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Faculty Affiliate, The Center for Health, Aging, and Disability
Faculty Affiliate, Center for African Studies


Global Health Informatics (IS490GHU)
Global Health Informatics (IS590GHG)

Research Projects

INDICATOR: An Information System for Monitoring the Health of a Community

INDICATOR is a novel information system for collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from multiple sources to provide public health decision makers real-time data on the health of their community. Data comes from sources as varied as emergency department visits, school attendance, veterinary clinics, and social media postings and together have been used to change public policy in outbreak events.

Funding for this project was provided by the Carle Foundation, Centers for Disease...

Pathtracker: A smartphone-based system for mobile infectious disease detection and epidemiology

This project will develop a mobile sensor technology for performing detection and identification of viral and bacterial pathogens. By means of a smartphone-based detection instrument, the results are shared with a cloud-based data management service that will enable physicians to rapidly visualize the geographical and temporal spread of infectious disease. When deployed by a community of medical users (such as veterinarians or point-of-care clinicians), the PathTracker system will enable rapid determination and reporting of instances of infectious disease that can inform treatment and quarantine responses that are currently not possible with tests performed at central laboratory...

Selected Publications, Papers, and Presentations

Related Topics

Data Analytics, Health and Bioinformatics, Science Processes, Social Informatics