Need a starting point for finding research funding? Or tips for proposal writing? This emerging collection includes links to key grant-finding databases, proposal-writing guides, an overview of School resources for managing projects, and links to key research administration offices on campus.

For general consultation about proposal development, finding funding, and research computing for your project, and for research computing needs that are not covered by resources in the Research Computing page, please contact Research Services personnel.

Key Research Development, Administration and Compliance Units at Illinois


Pre-award Administration: Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Interacts with faculty, students, department business staff, University administration, and external sponsor program officers and award negotiators to provide service and support to the University's missions of instruction, research, public service, and economic development.

Post-award Administration: Grants and Sponsored Projects

Supports the post-award administration of grants and sponsored projects. Includes managing the financial interactions with sponsors and assuring compliance with University and sponsor policies, while minimizing the administrative burden on faculty and protecting the interests of the faculty and the University.

Current ICR and Benefit Rates. Current rates posted from the Grants & Sponsored Projects office. Includes ICR, tuition remission, and benefit rates. Be sure to use rates posted for the Urbana campus. Please contact sharmon1 [at] (Suzi Harmon) if you have any questions.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR)

The vice chancellor for research is the senior campus officer with responsibility for advancing research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Responsibilities include oversight of a number of interdisciplinary research and research support units; administration of several programs that provide research funding at Illinois; ensuring research compliance with governmental and University requirements concerning academic integrity in research and publication, the use of animals in research, conflicts of commitment and interest, the use of human subjects in research, and scientific diving expeditions; and oversight of intellectual property, technology transfer, and academic research policy issues.

Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB). All research involving human subjects that is conducted at or sponsored by Illinois, whether funded or unfunded and whether conducted by Illinois faculty or others, must comply with applicable policies for the protection of human subjects. The IRB Office is the central point of contact for investigators, research subjects, and regulatory agencies. The IRB Office is responsible for organizing and documenting the IRB review process, monitoring research regulations, producing educational programs and materials for faculty and staff, and providing assurance that the Illinois is in compliance with federal, state, and campus policies.

For help navigating the IRB process, please contact Susan Lafferty, research services coordinator.

Academic Integrity: Responsible Conduct of Research. The OVCR provides programs and services to help you meet the ethical and regulatory requirements for the responsible conduct of research.

Conflict of Interest: Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest. Framework and procedures for consultation, advice, resolutions regarding conflicts of commitment or interest matters.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management: Office of Technology Management (OTM)

Responsible for managing the intellectual property generated by research activities at Illinois. The OTM is responsible for identifying, evaluating, protecting, marketing, and licensing IP developed on the University campus.