Student Affairs Staff

Our students are our purpose. We foster a learning experience that enables students to reach their individual goals in a balanced, healthy, inclusive student environment. Student Affairs serves students through our resources, referrals, and connections. Through recruiting, advising, diversity programs, and career services, we motivate student excellence by supporting intellectual engagement throughout their educational experience and beyond.

Penny Ames

Penny Ames, Admissions and Records Coordinator
Supports admissions and student records
4131 HUB
(217) 333-7197

"My favorite part of my job is the interaction with the students, both prospective students and current students. The excitement prospective students generate while they talk about their academic and professional goals is awesome!"

Troy Driskell

Troy Driskell, Office Support Specialist
Supports Student Records and assists with application processing
4136 HUB
(217) 300-3832

Rebecca Hodson

Rebecca Hodson, Assistant Director of Career Services
Oversees career services directed toward students and serves as practicum coordinator
4145 HUB
(217) 300-2254

"Students come from many different backgrounds and bring varied experiences to the program, so the students really make this place unique. Our staff provides a high level of individualized support throughout the program, which I think distinguishes us from other graduate programs."

Karla Lucht

Karla Lucht, Assistant Director of MS/LIS Advising; Interim Team Lead, Graduate Student Affairs
Oversees MS/LIS advising, and all graduate student affairs (interim)
4137 HUB
(217) 244-3810
Email MS/LIS Advising, MS/IM Advising
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Melissa Newell

Melissa Newell, Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Oversees the administration of the Bachelor of Science in information sciences (BS/IS) degree
4143 HUB
(217) 300-5003
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“I aspire to help each student customize their undergraduate experience to fit their interests and career pursuit. The interdisciplinary approach of information sciences provides an excellent opportunity for students to create their unique path.”

Ruth Shasteen

Ruth Shasteen, School Librarian Program Coordinator
Coordinates the School Librarian Licensure program and advises/supervises iSchool students seeking initial licensure and/or Library Information Specialist or Technology Specialist endorsements through the Illinois State Board of Education.

4157 HUB
(217) 244-1921

Talia Shaw

Talia Shaw, Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Graduate Affairs
Provide academic advising and support to MS/LIS students, develop programming/workshops, and create new resources.
4135 HUB
(217) 333-7124

Katelyn Talbott

Katelyn Talbott, PhD Coordinator for Student and Academic Affairs
Provides coordination of administration, student support, outreach, and engagement for the Information Sciences PhD program.
4139 HUB
(217) 300-0277

Anna Mitchell

Anna Elizabeth Mitchell
Supports non-degree programs and student research.

(217) 333-4601

Iftikhar Haider

Iftikhar Haider
Writing consultant and MS/IM and MS Bioinformatics advising.
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Help Desk/Technology

Jen Anderson, Information Resources Manager
Matt Beth, Manager of Instructional Technology
Whitney McComas, Instructional Technology Support Specialist
Lindsey Sharp, Senior Instructional Technology Support Specialist

Services include general IT support, learning management system, Zoom, and other instructional technologies. For more information, visit our webpage or email