Palmer, Weber to present at John Deere Big Data Summit

Posted: September 30, 2013

Carole Palmer, GSLIS professor and director of CIRSS, and Nicholas Weber, GSLIS doctoral candidate, will share their expertise in data curation at the upcoming John Deere Big Data Summit, which will be held in Champaign on October 1 and 2. The summit is intended to bring together analytic and big data thought leaders from inside and outside the company to showcase cutting edge academic thinking, applications, and real-life examples.

Palmer will present, “Data Curation: Investing in the Reuse Value of Digital Data”:

Digital research data are now widely recognized as valuable assets—research resources with tremendous potential for reuse in new and innovative ways. Advances in the storage, archiving, and preservation of digital data are proceeding apace, but curation services are needed that extend to the identification of high-value data and provision of data resources fit for new purposes. In this presentation I will discuss our studies of data practices in the sciences, focusing on indicators of reuse value and curation approaches for data consumers vs. data producers. We will also consider the broader implications of curatorial awareness on the cultures of research operations and for institutions committed to investing in high-value, reusable data resources.

Weber will present, “Curating and Profiling Enterprise Data @ John Deere”:

This presentation summarizes the findings of a pilot project between John Deere & Co. and the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS). This work was focused on gathering requirements for the development of new data curation infrastructures and services to support the analysis of big data, as well as the sharing, reuse and sustained archiving of “small data” produced at John Deere.

“The data curation research taking place at CIRSS is critical to the effectiveness and competitive success of twenty-first century corporations. We are very pleased to be participating in this summit,” said Allen Renear, GSLIS interim dean.

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