The iSchool is renowned for our world-class, groundbreaking research program. Our faculty, staff, and students are leaders in the field, recognized for their expertise and the impact of their scholarly contributions. Drawing on the resources of the University of Illinois, a preeminent public research university, as well as on collaborations with scholars around the world and corporate sector partners, our researchers conduct research in a variety of areas including data science, information retrieval, librarianship, and much more. Major funders include the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Endowment for the Humanities, Google, and the National Science Foundation.

Our Strategic Research Vision

Our researchers use multidisciplinary approaches to address key global challenges found at the intersection of people, information, and technology. Taken together, these six strategic visions present a distinct imprint of the substance and impact of our research.


Information is a vital human resource.

We envision a world in which information is a fundamental human resource like food, energy, and transportation, with equitable access for all.


History informs our identity and guides our information future.

We envision global access to human cultural, scientific, and information heritage, learning from the past to inform tomorrow’s world.


Libraries shape what we know and who we are.

We envision libraries and information institutions that will shape the knowledge landscape of the future.


Data science opens new windows to knowledge.

We envision a world where people marshal data for discovery and insight, while preserving social values.


Information literacy enables participation in the knowledge society.

We envision empowered individuals creating and using information responsibly. 


Systems serve people.

We envision a world where information systems make sense and serve people.

Our Research

Our faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research projects and receive grants from some of the nation’s most prestigious funders, including the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Endowment for the Humanities, Google, and the National Science Foundation. Currently, our grant-funded research portfolio totals more than $7.2 million in award dollars.

Featured Project

Our Researchers

Our research enterprise is collaborative, involving not only our faculty, staff, and students but also interdisciplinary partners on campus and beyond. Each year, our faculty appoint a group of research fellows from around the world, who are chosen for the relevance of their work to our current research. Research at the School is well-supported by our Office of Research Services, who assist with grant proposal development, project planning and management, and research computing.

Select Papers and Publications


An extensive and growing collection of iSchool research papers and publications is available online at IDEALS, the campus digital repository for research and scholarship.