GSLIS introduces Leep Welcome Weekend

Posted: September 22, 2015

GSLIS is pleased to announce the establishment of Leep Welcome Weekend, a three-day event for students enrolled in our Leep online learning option that will serve as an orientation to the school and to our learning community of online classmates, on campus students, faculty, and staff. Beginning in Fall 2016, admitted Leep students will attend Leep Welcome Weekend during their first semester, held on or about the fourth weekend of the fall or spring semester.

With this new model, students will have the chance to connect with core faculty, attend workshops together with on campus students, and socialize with their fellow classmates. The weekend will also include orientation and a brief introduction to the required course, LIS 502: Libraries, Information, and Society, with the instructor and classmates. That 10-week course will begin the week after the Leep Welcome Weekend concludes. 

“Since 1996 short residencies on campus have been an integral part of the experience of students pursuing their degrees online from GSLIS. The design of the new Leep Welcome Weekends will ensure that our online students have strong connections with faculty, staff, and on campus students, as well as with others in their cohort,” said Linda C. Smith, Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

Leep Welcome Weekend replaces the initial seven-day residency for Leep students, affectionately known as Boot Camp. Students are now able to complete all degree requirements online, including LIS 502, which had previously been completed during the seven-day residency. Beginning with cohort 21 in fall 2016, attendance at the Leep Welcome Weekend is now the only residency requirement for students enrolled in our online Leep option. 

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