iSchool faculty ranked as excellent for Spring 2017

Posted: September 7, 2017

Twenty-four iSchool instructors were named in the University's List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Spring 2017. The rankings are released every semester, and results are based on the Instructor and Course Evaluation System (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Only those instructors who gave out ICES forms during the semester and who released their data for publication are included in the list.

Faculty and instructors appearing on the list include Anne Barnhart, Bobby Bothmann, Betty Bush, Anna Chen, Nicole A. Cooke, Peter Darch, Jana Diesner, Jeff Ginger, Paul Healey, Elizabeth Hoiem, Jeanne Holba-Puacz, Emily Knox, Kathryn La Barre, Jessica LeCrone, Scott Matheson, Kate McDowell, Debra Mitts Smith, Yoo-Seong Song, Carol Tilley, Mary Wilkes Towner, Michael Twidale, Ted Underwood, John Weible, and Melissa Wong.

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