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bh_square0129.jpg?itok=1EsPJO7xRebecca Hodson, Career Services Coordinator
Works with current students on career exploration, identifying experiential learning opportunities, and the professional job search. Practicum coordinator and primary contact for employers and questions regarding the I-Link Job Board.

(217) 300-2254
rhodson1 [at]


For alumni seeking career development assistance, please contact Meg Edwards at mbedward [at]


Services offered

  • writing resumes
  • writing cover letters
  • interview coaching
  • practica
  • internships
  • experiential learning
  • job search help
  • mentoring
  • I-Link support

Job Search

The first place to check for pre-professional and professional positions should be in I-Link. Employers from across the country contact us with thousands of positions each year.

We also maintain a comprehensive list of databases and websites that advertise job opportunities for LIS graduates.


Looking to hire? iSchool students are among the best and brightest in higher education today, and they come from around the world to study with us.

Our School offers employers a number of ways to utilize the talents of our world-class students and alumni, whose intelligence and creativity continually advance the field of library and information science, both at home and abroad.

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