iSchool Alumni Association

The mission of the iSchool Alumni Association (ISAA) is to support the School, to encourage active participation of alumni in the programs of the School and ISAA, to encourage students to become active, lifelong supporters of the School and ISAA, and to be a partner with the University of Illinois Alumni Association in supporting alumni in their professional lives.

To make a gift in support of the activities of the ISAA, visit our secure giving page and select the iSchool Alumni Association Endowed Fund on the ISAA tab.

For more information, e-mail ischool-advancement [at] (Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations).


As an alum you are automatically a member of ISAA, which entitles you to several valuable benefits and services. To find out more about these and other membership upgrades, please visit the University of Illinois Alumni Association.

2017-2018 ISAA Board Members

President: Amy Atkinson (MS '13)
Vice President: Will LaChance (MS ’16)
Secretary: Barbara D’Angelo (MS '97)
Treasurer: Donna Schaal (MS '00)
Past President: Stephanie Atkins Sharpe (MS '99)
Director 2015-2018: Jeffrey Sichaleune (MS '04)
Director 2016-2019: Roy Saldana (MS '08)
Director 2017-2020: Madison Sullivan (MS '15)
Director 2017-2020: Cherie Watson (MS '14)
Student Representatives: Katie Bergen (MS/LIS), Mark McCarthy (MS/IM), Julia Burns Petrella (PhD)

According to the ISAA Bylaws, The officers (of ISAA) shall be a president, a vice-president/president elect, past-president, a secretary, a treasurer, and four directors. Officers and directors must be members in good standing of the ISAA.

Officers and directors shall be elected for three-year terms with elections held at the annual meeting. The term of office begins at the close of the annual meeting. Officers and directors may be elected for no more than two consecutive terms. The vice-president shall serve a one-year term as vice-president, a one-year term as president, and a one-year term as immediate past president.

Subject to the approval of the executive board, the dean of the School shall appoint: a member of the faculty or staff to serve as liaison between the School, the ISAA, and the UIAA office; and one or more students currently enrolled in the School to serve as student members. The dean, the faculty-staff liaison, and the student members shall be members ex officio of the executive board. The dean and faculty-staff liaison are ex officio without vote; the student members shall be members ex officio with vote.

Past Presidents

2016-17: Stephanie Atkins (MS '99)
2015-16: Donna La Follette (MS '89)
2014-15: Ethan Henderson (MS '07)
2013-14: Jim Obst (MS '04)
2012-13: Rachel Bindman (MS '02)
2011-12: Beth McNeill (MS '89)
2010-11: Mary Jane Petrowski (CAS '94)
2009-10: Cynthia Helms (MS '79, CAS '04)
2008-09: Julia Derden (MS '06)
2007-08: Mary Ellen Davis (MS '81)
2006-07: Nanette Wargo Donohue (MS '03)
2005-06: Donna Dziedzic (MS '73)
2004-05: Mary Ann Pohl (MS '01)
2003-04: Roslyn Wylie (MS '93)
2002-03: Linda Miller (MS '75)
2001-02: Nancy Gillfillan (MS '66)
2000-01: Brenda McElroy Pacey (MS '78)