IS 446 Systems Analysis and Design

This is an introductory course in systems analysis for computer-based information systems. Systems analysts are primarily responsible for eliciting user requirements, proposing a systems solution that meets those requirements, creating a model of the requirements and a proposed solution that can be understood by both system users and system developers. Systems analysts also get involved in project identification, planning, management, supervision of detailed system design and supervision of system construction. While this course will specifically emphasize systems analysis for LIS applications, the knowledge, tools and techniques that are covered in the course would be equally applicable to other disciplines. The audience for this course includes anyone who is interested in the analysis and preliminary design of computer-based information systems.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the role of the systems analyst in understanding the needs and managing the expectations of the project stakeholders.

  • Identify the kinds of systems that are used in the Information Science field.

  • Understand how to identify and initiate a viable project.