Tuition & Financial Support

Learn how to make your education affordable

Making the decision to continue your professional education is a wise investment of time and resources, one that undoubtedly will change your life. At the iSchool, we are committed to supporting the financial needs of our students through an individualized funding approach that considers your unique situation and challenges.

Options for MS students

Through funding options such as scholarships and assistantships, graduate hourly positions, opportunities specific to our iSchool, and student loans, the cost of graduate education doesn't need to be a burden. The following table outlines the options available to MS students.

  MSLIS on campus MSIM on campus MSLIS online
Financial aid – Student loans X X X
Assistantships X N/A* X**
Graduate hourly X X X**
iSchool financial support X X X
Other financial opportunities X X X

*The MSIM is a self-supporting program without state support, as defined by University policy, so students are not eligible for tuition-waiver-generating assistantships.
**Online students able to work on a regular basis in the Champaign-Urbana area are eligible for assistantships and graduate hourly positions.