Research Services

Research Services supports and promotes the research activities of the School, large or small, funded or unfunded. Specific areas of support include:

  • Project Planning and Proposal Development: providing general planning support and assistance with promotion to potential partners, agencies, foundations, and corporations; identifying funding sources, services, and other resources; proposal design, identification and approval of cost sharing resources, and budget development; tracking and disseminating active and upcoming solicitations and programs.
  • Research Administration: pre-award support for proposal submission processing and proposal budget approval; post-award management of expenditure compliance, effort certification, financial reporting, and budget alterations; assistance with responsible research compliance, human subject certification, and management of intellectual property agreements; writing support and publication management.
  • Research Coordination, Engagement, and Promotion: engagement with campus-wide groups and councils related to research support; coordination of communication with institutional, federal, and philanthropic relations; conference hosting and visiting scholar/collaborator coordination; research promotion support; communications and outreach activities and training. 
Navigating grant proposal and pre-award processes Tamara Roosevelt, Senior Grants and Contracts Coordinator
Navigating post-award processes Beth Etchison, Grants & Contracts Associate
An IRB protocol or editing and proofreading a paper or proposal. Research Services
Promoting a new award, research initiative, or publication Cindy Brya, Assistant Director for Communications

Research Services personnel report to Associate Dean for Research J. Stephen Downie, who can be reached through Senior Grants and Contracts Coordinator Tamara Roosevelt.