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Agarwala, Disha
Alkalimat (McWorter), Abdul Professor Emeritus
African American Studies, 1201 W. Nevada MC-143
Althaus, Scott Affiliate Professor
Cline Center for Advanced Social Research, 2001 S. First St., Suite 207
Altshuler, Joshua
Amanzadeh, Mohammad
Ames, Penny Admissions and Records Supervisor
Anderson, Jen Information Resources Manager
Ashwill, Cindy Senior Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing
Avery, Susan Adjunct Associate Professor
249A Undergraduate Library


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Bacon, Dustin
Bailey, Christopher Interim Library Liaison
Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library South, Room 101B
Bao, Wenxuan
Bashir, Masooda Associate Professor
Batoma, Atoma Adjunct Associate Professor
Benson, Sara Adjunct Assistant Professor
Beth, Matthew Manager of Instructional Technology
Betts-Green, Crystal
Bievenue, Lisa Director of Informatics Programs
616 E. Green Street, Suite 210
Blake, Catherine Associate Professor, MS/IM Program Director, and Associate Director, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship
Bonn, Maria Associate Professor, MS/LIS and CAS Program Director
Bowen, Kailey
Bowman, Andrew
Bruce, Krystjana
Brya, Cindy Associate Director for Communications
Byerly, Alexandra


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Chan, Anita Say Associate Professor
616 E. Green St., Suite 210
Choi, Inkyung Teaching Assistant Professor
Chu, Clara Affiliate Professor
142 Undergraduate Library
Cragin, Melissa Affiliate Assistant Professor
1205 W. Clark St., Urbana
Craig, Anne Adjunct Lecturer
100 Trade Centre Dr., Ste. 303, Champaign
Cunningham, Paige
Cunningham, Ryan


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D'Angelo, Cynthia
D'Arpa, Christine
Dahlen, Sarah
Darch, Peter Assistant Professor
Davis, Charles
Davis, Susan G. Professor Emerita
Department of CommunicationLincoln Hall702 S. Wright St.UrbanaMC-456
Diesner, Jana Associate Professor
Dongre, Vardhan
Dougan Johnson, Kirstin Adjunct Associate Professor
1308 Music Building; Music and Performing Arts Library
Downie, J. Stephen Professor, Associate Dean for Research, and Co-Director of the HathiTrust Research Center
Driskell, Troy Office Support Specialist
Dubin, David Teaching Associate Professor
Dubnicek, Ryan Digital Humanities Specialist


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Edwards, Meg Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Eke, Janet Assistant Director, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship
Etchison, Beth Grants & Contracts Coordinator


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Fagen-Ulmschneider, Wade
Flanagan, Karle
Frankenberg, Susan Research Affiliate


Contact Phone Location
Hartmann, Anna
Havlin, Christopher
He, Jingrui Associate Professor
Room 106, 505 E. Green St.
Heinemann, Colleen
Hensley, Merinda Adjunct Associate Professor
1408 West Gregory, Scholarly Commons, Room 306
Hodson, Rebecca Assistant Director of Career Services
Hogan, Jessica
Hoiem, Elizabeth Assistant Professor
Hopping, David Teaching Assistant Professor and Workforce Development/Continuing Education Director
616 E. Green St., Suite 210
Houston, Brant Affiliate Professor


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Magee, Rachel M. Assistant Professor
Maimone, Jessie
Mak, Bonnie Associate Professor
Martaus, Alaine Research Development Coordinator
Martin, Shawn
Matheson, Scott Adjunct Lecturer
Law Library 015, 127 Wall St., New Haven, CT 06511
Mathew, Raima
McComas, Whitney Instructional Technology Support Specialist
McPhillips, Timothy
Mericle, Megan
Mills, Abigail
Mishra, Apratim
Mohaghegh, Zahra Affiliate Assistant Professor
111G Talbot Laboratory
Murugappan, Vairavan
Myers, Christina


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Naiman, Jill Teaching Assistant Professor
Nargas, Aastha
Newell, Melissa Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Nikolich, Anita Director of Research and Technology Innovation and Research Scientist


Contact Phone Location
O'Rourke Kasali, Shannon
Ocepek, Melissa Assistant Professor
Orozco Villicaña, Moises Director of Enrollment Management
Owen, Brynnen Assistant Director of Core Systems
Owens, Lesley


Contact Phone Location
Pamidighantam, Pranav
Parulian, Nikolaus
Peterson, Katherine
Peugh, Brett Endpoint Services Specialist
Pintar, Judith Teaching Associate Professor and Acting BS/IS Program Director
616 E. Green St., Suite 210
Plante, Michele Assistant Director of Employer Relations
Popovich, Sophie
Puetz, Cheyenne


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Quealy-Gainer, Kate Assistant Editor, The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books


Contact Phone Location
Readel, Karin Senior Coordinator for Informatics Education Programs
616 E. Green Street, Suite 210
Renear, Allen Professor and Special Advisor for Strategic Initiatives (Office of the Provost)
Revell, Zoe Adjunct Lecturer
Reyes, Betsaida
Richardson, Selma
Roosevelt, Tamara Senior Grants and Contracts Coordinator
Ross, Robert
Rusch, Adam Adjunct Lecturer
Russell, Nathan


Contact Phone Location
Salkeld, Helen
Santos, Eunice E. Professor and Dean
Sarol, Maria Janina
Schaap, Ben Educational Data Analyst
Schatz, Bruce Affiliate Professor
2101 IGB, 1206 W Gregory
Schroeder, Tad Assistant Director of Facilities
Schwartz, Scott Adjunct Associate Professor
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, Room 240, 1103 S. Sixth Street, Champaign
Schwebel, Sara L. Professor and Director, The Center for Children's Books
Sepkoski, David Affiliate Professor
301 Gregory Hall
Serbanuta, Claudia
Sharma, Tanusree
Sharp, Lindsey Senior Instructional Technology Support Specialist
Shasteen, Ruth School Librarian Program Coordinator
Smalheiser, Neil R. Affiliate Professor
UIC Psychiatric Institute, room 525, MC 912, 1601 W. Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60612
Smith, Linda C. Professor Emerita, Interim Executive Associate Dean
Stevenson, Deborah Editor, The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books; Clinical Assistant Professor
Subramanian, Suresh
Swann, Donica
Sweeney, Sarah-Maria


Contact Phone Location
Tennell, Mariah
Thompson, Elizabeth
Tomaszewski, Joshua K.
Tonks, Adam Yiu-Ming
Torres, Tony Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Affairs
Torvik, Vetle Associate Professor
Room 107, 505 E. Green St.
Tracy, Daniel G. Affiliate Assistant Professor
100 Main Library, 244 LIS
Turk, Matthew Assistant Professor
Room 108, 505 E. Green St.
Turnipseed, Nicole
Twidale, Michael Professor and PhD Program Director


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Uhe, Andrew


Contact Phone Location
Van Uithoven, Vicki Director of Budget and Planning
Voss, Anke Adjunct Lecturer


Contact Phone Location
Walczyk, Christine
Walkow, Samantha
Walters, Kristin
Wang, Dong Associate Professor
Wang, Yang Associate Professor
Watkins, Lisa
Watt, Kelly Office Support Associate
Wedell, Eleanor
Weech, Terry L. Associate Professor Emeritus
Wickett, Karen Assistant Professor
Wiegand, Anna
Wilkin, John Affiliate Professor
230 Main Library
Williamson, Jesse
Wilson, Walter Adjunct Lecturer
Krannert Art Museum
Wolske, Martin Teaching Assistant Professor
Woods, Nathan
Wooldridge, Abigail Affiliate Assistant Professor
298A Transportation Building
Worthey, Glen Associate Director for Research Support Services, HathiTrust Research Center


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Yang, Pingjing
Yip, Yee Yan