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When you engage with the iSchool, you make a difference. Whether you’re an employer or an alum—or both—your expertise, perspective, and feedback add a valuable dimension to our programming and to our students’ experiences. These connections change lives and shape the future of information in the workplace and beyond.

Advantages for employers

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iSchool students bring a wealth of expertise to the workplace. They work in a variety of roles, from librarian to data scientist, in multiple job sectors. They are valuable to any employer whose product or service relies on information as key to its success.

Key skills of an iSchool student include expertise in:

  • developing systems and solutions to meet information needs;
  • working with computer-based and online technology;
  • managing procedures and workflow;
  • handling large data sets; and
  • using programming languages and systems, including Java, Python, SQL, R, and more.

Our students possess several high-level abilities that benefit employers. Their capacity to think critically, analytically, and creatively as well as to consider problems from multiple perspectives gives them a competitive edge. They offer strong leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, which makes them an asset to any organization they serve.

Advantages for students

As our students explore the field of information science and begin their careers, they benefit from connections with experienced professionals. They gain valuable insight into possible career paths and an awareness of real-world opportunities.

Here are some of the ways you can make these important connections with students:

  • Serve on a "tech talk" or career panel
  • Host an information session or site visit
  • Participate in our career fair prep series (critiquing resumes and conducting mock interviews)
  • Become a mentor
  • Host a student for a practicum or hire an intern
  • Sponsor a hackathon, design jam, or case competition

The School of Information Sciences alumni network spans decades of knowledge, an amazing breadth of career options, and locations around the world. By staying connected with the iSchool, you are sharing your experiences with our community while also learning from and networking with others. Take advantage of the opportunities to meet others in your field of interest, find iSchoolers who live in your region, or join the School at upcoming events!

Michele Plante

Are you an employer who is interested in engaging student talent, serving as a mentor, or posting a job opportunity? I can help.

Michele Plante, Assistant Director of Employer Relations
103 LIS
(217) 333-1102

Jill Gengler

Are you an alum who wants to give back and make a difference in the life of a student? Contact me to get involved.

Jill Gengler, Director of Alumni Affairs
108 LIS
(217) 300-5746