Host a Practicum

Benefits to the site supervisor

Want to bring energy, enthusiasm, and new perspectives to your workplace while providing valuable hands-on experience for an aspiring information professional? There is no better way than hosting a talented iSchool student for a practicum.

Consider supervising a student or submit a practicum announcement for the iSchool's student job board, including a description of your organization, the work, and the required background. View our sample practicum descriptions for guidance in promoting opportunities at your organization. When you and a student are matched, you will be responsible for working to develop specific learning outcomes that will guide practicum activities as well as supervising the student during the 100 hours of fieldwork experience.

Questions about supervising a practicum? Contact us today!

Benefits to the student

The practicum experience allows students to:

  • Gain practical experience based on the understanding and application of theoretical knowledge.
  • Observe the analysis of and solutions to problems arising in professional work settings.
  • Interact with colleagues in a professional work environment.
  • Participate in a representative range of professional activities in the work setting.
  • Develop professional self-awareness

Three iSchool students worked on a 3D scanning service project and software development project as part of their practicum experience at the Innovation, Discovery, Design, & Data Lab (IDEA Lab). Located in Grainger Engineering Library, the IDEA Lab serves as a demonstration and prototyping site for exploring the interface between design learning, informatics, visualization, and data analytics.

Tuition and fee waivers

The iSchool recognizes the time and resources you as an employer devote to supervising a practicum student. To thank you for this contribution, we offer tuition and fee waivers to site supervisors and organizations. These waivers allow you to enroll in continuing education courses full time or part time for one semester. Please contact the practicum coordinator for more information.

Questions about serving as a site supervisor? Contact me!

Rebecca Hodson
Rebecca Hodson, Assistant Director of Career Services & Practicum Coordinator