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Learning Management Systems

Canvas is now the official campus learning-management system beginning in Fall 2021.  Some iSchool course spaces are currently hosted on the ATLAS Moodle service. We hope to transition all courses to Canvas by Spring 2022. In the meantime, you may have courses hosted on Canvas and ATLAS Moodle (and potentially other systems for courses taken outside of the iSchool).
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Legacy course spaces (from Summer 2019 and earlier), and some non-course spaces (for groups, committees, and project teams) are available on the iSchool Legacy Moodle server. This system has been retired and put into read-only status but can be accessed via the campus network or VPN.
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Compass (Blackboard Learn) was the official campus learning-management system until 2021 when it began to be phased out and Canvas began to be phased in. It is still used widely by many colleges. As an iSchool student, if you take courses from another college or department (non-IS rubric) you may need to use Compass to access those course spaces until Summer of 2022.
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