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Learn more about the breadth and depth of research at the iSchool from our faculty experts. Their important efforts advance the field and provide strategic solutions to current social issues through their inventive, interdisciplinary contributions.

Research focus: Human-computer interaction, accessible design, participatory design, mobile health technologies, and computing education.


Learn more about Rachel Adler

Research focus: Human-computer interaction, usability, interaction design, human-centered design, human information behavior, embodiment, embodied cognition, non-human cognition, and de-centering human-centered design.


Learn more about Christopher Lueg

Research focus: Information organization, metadata and knowledge organization systems, data curation, and conceptual and logical foundations of information systems.


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Research focus: Social Sensing, Computing, and Intelligence; Human-Centered AI, AI for Social Good, Responsible Machine Learning; Data Quality, Big Data Analytics, Misinformation Detection and Explanation; Cyber-Physical-Human Systems, Smart Cities, Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE).


Learn more about Dong Wang

Research focus: Accessible computing/data science, ability design human-computer interaction, inclusive Learning Sciences/STEM+C education across dis/abilities, and accessible health informatics.


Learn more about Jooyoung Seo 

Research focus: Governance in sociotechnical systems as designed, practiced, and experienced; evaluating technology governance outcomes; social inequality in experiences with technology; information law, policy, and inequality; social aspects of privacy, data, platforms, and personalization; and social informatics.


Learn more about Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo

Research focus: Usable privacy/security, data-driven privacy/security, inclusive design, explainable AI, human-computer interaction, social computing, ubiquitous computing, computer-supported cooperative work.


Learn more about Yang Wang 

Research focus: Children's and young adult literature, history of education and literacy, history of childhood, history pedagogy, public history, digital humanities, and historical fiction.


Learn more about Sara L. Schwebel

Research focus: Development and understanding of trustworthy machine learning methods with a focus on using the methods to understand biological and medical problems better, where the reliability of the methods is the key.


Learn more about Haohan Wang

Research focus: Computer-supported cooperative work; collaborative technologies in digital libraries and museums; user interface design and evaluation; open-source usability; information visualization; ubiquitous learning; social learning of technology; rapid prototyping and evaluation.


Learn more about Mike Twidale

Research focus: Designing, building, and testing a suite of automated and semi-automated methods to explore, understand, characterize, and predict real-world data by means of statistical machine learning.


Learn more about Jingrui He 

Research focus: Learning analytics, user modeling, fairness and transparency in machine learning.


Learn more about Nigel Bosch

Research focus: Digital youth, the maker movement, learning and community engagement through libraries, human information behavior, and competencies for information professionals.


Learn more about Kyungwon Koh

Research focus: Everyday information behavior, information behavior, cultural theory, critical theory, food studies, leisure studies, and ethnography.


Learn more about Melissa Ocepek

Research focus: Teens, youth, everyday life, technology use and non-use, youth services, social computing, values and design.


Learn more about Rachel Magee

Research focus: Design and evaluation of information retrieval systems, including multimedia music information retrieval; the political economy of internetworked communication systems; database design; Web-based technologies.


Learn more about J. Stephen Downie

Research focus: Data analysis and visualization, social structures of academic software communities, information transmission through software.


Learn more about Matthew Turk

Research focus: Children's literature and material culture, British literature, history of education and literacy, social history, child labor, thing theory, fantasy, science fiction, science and technology in literature, automata, digital humanities pedagogy.


Learn more about Elizabeth Hoiem

Research focus: Information access, intellectual freedom and censorship, information ethics, information policy, print culture and reading practices.


Learn more about Emily Knox

Research focus: Storytelling practices and applications (in higher education, nonprofits, business, and public service); youth services librarianship; children's print culture history; public libraries as cultural spaces.


Learn more about Kate McDowell

Research focus: Statistical and computational modeling of humanistic evidence; machine learning and text mining; book history; digital libraries; sociology of literature; computational social science; digital humanities.


Learn more about Ted Underwood