Research Showcase

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Each year, the Research Showcase shares human-centered, interdisciplinary research through a keynote speech and a series of short presentations and posters.

2023 Research Showcase

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
12:00-4:30 p.m.
Illini Ballroom, Illini Union
1401 W. Green Street, Urbana

Schedule of Events

12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Poster Session I 

1:00 – 1:30 p.m. Keynote Speaker

  • Assistant Professor JooYoung Seo will present the keynote, "Beyond Sight: Envisioning Data Science Through Multimodal Access." In this presentation, Seo will talk about his journey as a blind data scientist and how he has been able to overcome the challenges of working with data without sight. He will also discuss the importance of multimodal access to data science and how it can help us to better understand data and make data science more accessible to everyone.

1:30 – 2:15 p.m. Presentation Session I

Presentation Abstracts

  • Deep Cover: A Game to Help Older Adults Navigate Digital Scams
    Anita Nikolich, Dan Cermak
  • “I'm Not Confident in Debiasing AI Systems Since I Know Too Little”: Teaching AI Creators About Gender Bias Through Hands-on Tutorials
    Kyrie Zhixuan Zhou, Jiaxun Cao, Xiaowen Yuan, Daniel E. Weissglass, Zachary Kilhoffer, Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo, and Xin Tong
  • Inclusive.AI: A Decentralized Approach to Engage Marginalized Group in AI Governance
    Tanusree Sharma, Jongwon Park, Yujin Kwon, Yiren Liu, Yun Huang, Sunny Liu, Dawn Song, Jeff Hancock, Yang Wang
  • Embedding Ethics in Infrastructure Supporting Data-Intensive Scholarly Research
    Peter Darch, Ivan Kong, Kyra Abrams

2:15 – 2:45 p.m. Break

2:45 – 3:30 p.m. Presentation Session II

  • Messy Metaphors in Voice Interfaces: A Playful (and completely serious) Perspective
    Smit Desai, Michael Twidale
  • The core values and impact of public library makerspaces
    Kyungwon Koh, Gowri Balasubramaniam, Emily Knox, and Andy Zalot
  • Sixty Years After Brady: A Survey of the States’ Criminal Discovery Rules Today
    Catharine Young, Madelyn Sanfilippo
  • InterMusE: Designing a Digital Library for Collaborative Musicology
    David Bainbridge, Rachel Cowgill, Frankie Perry, J. Stephen Downie, Alan J. Dix, and Michael Twidale

3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Poster Session II 


Poster Abstracts

Accessibility of Novel Methods of Authentication Among Blind and Low Vision People
Aziz Zeidieh

Activist organizations and their strategies to influence the legalization of medical cannabis in Brazil [Third Place Poster]
Janaynne Carvalho do Amaral, Jodi Schneider

Analyzing Retraction Indexing Quality in Subject-Specific and Multidisciplinary Databases
Malik Salami, Jodi Schneider

Assessing Citation Integrity in Biomedical Publications: Annotation and NLP Models
Janina Sarol, Shufan Ming, Jodi Schneider, Halil Kilicoglu

Automatic Categorization of Self-acknowledged Limitations in Randomized Controlled Trial Publications
Mengfei Lan

Can ChatGPT correct PDF-to-Text conversion errors in scientific publications?
Janina Sarol, Xuhan Zhang, Tanisha Roman, Jodi Schneider

Cause and Effects Between COVID-19 Cases and Related Social Media and Google Search Activity
Thierry Guigma

Coconut Library Tool: A Web-Based Application for Advanced Textual Analysis for Librarians
Manika Lamba, Faizhal Arif Santosa, Crissandra J. George

Dams of Time: Navigating Ethics in Geospatial Data Science
Ivan Kong, Peter Darch

Deception on Campus: An Investigation on Fraudulent Scams
Alejandra Arias

Disinformation Tactics and Designing to Deceive
Emily Wegrzyn

Enhancing SemRep Coverage Using a Relation Classification Approach
Shufan Ming

Epistemological responsibility in law and science: Sharing the burden [First Place Poster]
Ted Ledford

Graph Neural Bandits
Yunzhe Qi

Harold Baron Digital Archival Research and Publication Project
Divya Pathak

“Have a flare with me!”: A content analysis, grounded theory, and collaborative design approach to disability storytelling on TikTok
Morgan Lundy

How Computable is Scientific Knowledge?
Yuanxi Fu

How Knowledge Intermediaries Gather and Make Sense of COVID-19 Information: An Interview Study
Togzhan Seilkhanova, Jodi Schneider

Incorporating Indigeneity: my goal for librarianship
Katherine Witzig

Information Behavior Patterns in Mineable Digital Libraries
Daniel J Evans, Melissa Ocepek

A Large Language Model Based Approach to Detecting the Influence of Darwinian Ideas
Lucian Li

Metadata that Excludes: A Case Study of the Rock Springs Massacre in Digital Collections
Karen Wickett, Yingying Han, Ruohua Han

Mining the Scientific Literature to Support Personalized Nutrition Applications
Gibong Hong

IT Professionals’ Perspectives on Patron Privacy Protection in Public Libraries
Julian Chin, Masooda Bashir, Tian Wang, Erh-Hsuan Wang

PREPP-ing for Practice: An Experiential Learning Experiment in Practicum and Capstone Design
Sharon L. Comstock, Maria Bonn, Ben Schaap

Quantifying the Impact of Scientific Documentaries Using Natural Language Processing
Sri Nithya Yeragorls

Research with User-Generated Book Review Data: Legal and Ethical Pitfalls and Contextualized Mitigations
Yuerong Hu, Glen Layne-Worthey, Alaine Martaus, J. Stephen Downie, Jana Diesner

Rights Metadata and Usability of Digital Collections
Trevor Stratton

Technology and Law in Sports Market Control
Owen Monroe, Melissa Ocepek, Madelyn Sanfilippo

Technostress among Information Professionals: A Global Issue
Rexwhite T Enakrire

Text classification models for assessing the completeness of randomized controlled trial publications [Second Place Poster]
Lan Jiang

The Coming Age of Alternative Perspectives
Christopher Lueg, Siyao Cheng

Three-Dimensional Archiving of Native American Artifacts at the Spurlock Museum
David Eby

TORCHLITE: Tools for Open Research and Computation with HathiTrust: Leveraging Intelligent Text Extraction
Glen Layne-Worthey, Ryan Dubnicek, Boris Capitanu, Deren Kudeki, J. Stephen Downie

Unified Framework for Evaluating Confidence in Research Synthesis
Hannah Smith, Yuanxi Fu, Jodi Schneider

Unveil: An Escape Room Web Game for Cognitive Skill Enhancement in Older Adults
Philo Wang

Unveiling Privacy Measures in Mental Health Applications
Muhammad Hassan, Masooda Bashir

Using argument graphs to audit reasoning in empirical scientific publications
Heng Zheng, Yuanxi Fu, Jodi Schneider

Visualizing Race in Medicine
Chris Wiley

What went wrong? Examining ethical violations in retracted papers across disciplines
Julian Chin, Jana Diesner

Who needs a main entry, anyway?
Liliana Giusti Serra, José Fernando Modesto da Silva