Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith

Doctoral Student

PhD, Information Sciences, Illinois (in progress)

BFA, Studio Art (illustration & design), University of Arizona

BS, Information Science, University of Arizona

Research focus

I am interested in the generation and quality assessment of data for natural language processing tasks as well as considerations of the differences in textual data among different domains, especially regarding the degree of structure or objectivity in a domain.

Publications & Papers

Smith, H., Zhang, Z., Culnan, J., & Jansen, P.A. (2020). ScienceExamCER: A High-Density Fine-Grained Science-Domain Corpus for Common Entity Recognition. LREC. 

Dalvi, B., Jansen, P.A., Tafjord, O., Xie, Z., Smith, H., Pipatanangkura, L., & Clark, P. (2021). Explaining Answers with Entailment Trees. ArXiv, abs/2104.08661. Conference – EMNLP 2021