Martin Wolske

Teaching Assistant Professor

PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience and Biopsychology, Rutgers University

Room 337, 501 E. Daniel St.

(217) 244-8094

Other professional appointments

  • Faculty Affiliate, Illinois Informatics

Research focus

Community informatics; engaged scholarship in the information sciences; critical, culturally sustaining pedagogies, especially as applied within active learning; and critical constructivist approaches to sociotechnical information systems.


Martin Wolske is a teaching assistant professor in the School of Information Sciences.  His teaching and research seek to foster a rapid shift from a ‘thing-orientation’ to a ‘person-orientation’ using problem-posing education and participatory research and co-design approaches, with a special emphasis on community technology platforms and spaces advancing local social justice goals.  Since coming to the School in 1995 to work on issues of digital access and equity, he has served a range of boundary spanning roles facilitating community inquiry, shepherding community informatics projects, developing innovative technical resources, and advocating system change. Key roles have included serving as interim director of the Center for Digital Inclusion and director of Prairienet Community Network, and as principal investigator or co-principal on a number of grants related to digital inclusion and digital literacy that have received funding through the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the American Library Association, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Community Informatics and is the recipient of numerous community awards for service; Library Journal ’s 2011 Teacher of the Year award; and the 2013 University of Illinois Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement.

"Meet Martin Wolske, Author of A Person-Centered Guide to Demystifying Technology" [interview with IOPN]

Office hours

Thursday 4:00-6:30 p.m. in room 337, 501 E. Daniel St.

Publications & Papers

Wolske, M. (2023). Review of the book Beyond the Classroom Walls: Imagining the Future of Education, from Community Schools to Communiversities. B. C. Bruce. Schools: Studies in Education, 20(1), 212-217.

Wolske, M. (2023) A Person-Centered Guide to Demystifying Technology, Second Edition. Windsor & Downs Press, Illinois Open Publishing Network. DOI:

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Wolske, M. (2019). Networked, Information, and Systems as Generative Words: A Freirean critical pedagogy template. 17TH Community Informatics Research Network Conference, Whose Agenda: Action, Research, & Politics. Wednesday, 6 Nov - Friday, 8 Nov 2019, Monash University, Prato Centre, Italy.

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