Brandon Batzloff

Brandon Batzloff

Teaching Assistant Professor

PhD, Cognitive and Information Sciences, University of California Merced

Room 239, 501 E. Daniel St.

Research focus

Social systems dynamics, human dimensions of the climate crisis, critically engaged research, embodied cognitive science, implicit cognitive measurements, political cognition, applied neural networks.


Brandon Batzloff has a long history of engagement in projects intended to promote social change. In 2003, they started a non-profit organization called Free Voices. The main project of Free Voices was a weekly online magazine intended to elevate the voices of people who are otherwise not heard. The magazine was also a center for cross-community discourse that helped individuals and organizations develop and share strategies for attaining their goals. Over the past decade, Batzloff has been more focused on creating pathways to direct ownership of scientific research, an outcome of participatory action research. Through ownership of and direct engagement in research practice, marginalized communities can build more resilient social structures that will hopefully withstand ongoing climate shocks.

While Batzloff is actively engaged in creating greater equity within the university, they are also deeply engaged in off-campus efforts that promote community development. For this reason, they are interested in working with both undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in community resilience, and who have an interest in learning and utilizing mixed methods research to improve outcomes in their own communities.