Zachary Kilhoffer

Doctoral Student

PhD, Information Sciences, Illinois (in progress)

MA, international relations, Webster University Vienna

BA, international relations, McKendree University

Research focus

I am interested in how we regulate new and emerging technologies to ensure concepts like privacy and security, transparency and accountability, and fairness and ethics. He focuses on AI governance — especially concerning risk assessment, impact assessment, and compliance.

Honors and Awards

  • Board of Trustees Scholarship recipient, McKendree University
  • Summa Cum Laude, Webster University Vienna
  • Schön Award for best master's thesis recipient

Currently Advising

Publications & Papers

For a complete list of publications, please visit Zachary Kilhoffer's Google Scholar page.

Kilhoffer, Z., Zhou, Z., Wang, F., Tamton, F., Huang, Y., Kim, P., Yeh, T., & Wang, Y. (2023). “How technical do you get? I’m an English teacher”: Teaching and Learning Cybersecurity and AI Ethics in High School. 2023 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP), San Francisco. 

Zhou, K. Z., Cao, J., Yuan, X., Weissglass, D. E., Kilhoffer, Z., Sanfilippo, M. R., & Tong, X. (2023). “I’m Not Confident in Debiasing AI Systems Since I Know Too Little”: Teaching AI Creators About Gender Bias Through Hands-on Tutorials (arXiv:2309.08121). arXiv. 

Kaushik, S., Barbosa, N. M., Yu, Y., Sharma, T., Kilhoffer, Z., Seo, J., Das, S., & Wang, Y. (2023, August 7). GuardLens: Supporting Safer Online Browsing for People with Visual Impairments. Proceedings of the Nineteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security. SOUPS, Anaheim. 

De Groen, W. P., Kilhoffer, Z., Westhoff, L., Postica, D., & Shamsfakhr, F. (2021). Digital labour platforms in the EU: Mapping and business models. 

Kilhoffer, Z. (2021). What determines price in platform work? An empirical study on the impact of ratings, experience, and duration (Deliverable 12.3; Issue 12.3). InGRID-2. 

Kilhoffer, Z., Baiocco, S., & Beblavý, M. (2019). The impact of digitalisation on labour market inclusion of people with disabilities. 

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