Our School

renear_2012_reduced.jpgWelcome to the School of Information Sciences at Illinois, an iSchool with a tradition of excellence and innovation.

Within this site you'll learn more about our School, a world leader in library and information science education, research, and practice. Nationally, our Master of Science in library and information science has been ranked number one by U.S. News & World Report since that magazine began ranking library and information science programs.

As information output increases rapidly from year to year, there is a corresponding increase in the need for professionals who can help people manage information overload and who can connect people with the information resources and information technology that they need in order to achieve their goals, whether those goals are personal, community, corporate, government, or global.

At our School, excellent faculty educate the men and women who will become leaders in the information professions, shaping the way information is produced, analyzed, and preserved. That work, in turn, benefits society, from business to healthcare to the arts, from education to politics, from personal information management to international information exchange.

We are proud to be at the forefront of library and information science, and we hope that you will choose to join us in this acutely and increasingly important field. If you do, you'll find that no matter what your disciplinary background or your interests, there is an enormous opportunity here to do interesting and valuable work that will not only change the lives of others, but will change yours as well.