Informatics Programs

Informatics involves the study and application of information technology, while considering its impact on individuals, organizations, and society. It uses computation as a universal tool to solve problems, communicate, and express ideas. Informatics is used in practically any field, including the natural sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences as well as engineering and business.

On the University of Illinois campus, degrees in Informatics include classes offered by several colleges, with the iSchool providing administrative support for Informatics Programs as a whole.

Campus and community engagement

The Champaign-Urbana (CU) Community Fab Lab is a makerspace where people can gather to work on projects, while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. It provides a dynamic space for rapid prototyping and computer-based design and the software and tools needed for DIY projects. During open hours, the Fab Lab can be used by visitors from the community as well as campus.

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Lisa Bievenue
Lisa Bievenue, Director of Informatics Programs