Sarah Park Dahlen

Associate Professor

PhD, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Other professional appointments

Co-Editor, Research on Diversity in Youth Literature
Scholar-in-Residence, Hollins University Graduate Programs in Children's Literature, Summer 2021

Research focus

Children's and young adult literature, Asian American youth literature, youth services librarianship, transracial Asian adoption, and diversity in the information profession.

Honors and Awards

  • Faculty Teaching and Advising Award, St. Catherine University, 2020-2021
  • Mentoring Award, Children's Literature Association, 2021
  • Faculty Research and Scholarly Activities Grant, "A Visit to the Frances Carpenter and Frank G. Carpenter Archives at the Smith College—Young Library in Northampton, MA and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C." St. Catherine University, 2019-2020
  • Faculty Research Award, Children's Literature Association, 2019
  • Diversity Award, Children's Literature Association, 2017
  • Leadership Award, iSchool Alumni Association, University of Illinois, 2016


Sarah Park Dahlen joined the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois as an associate professor in August 2021. She previously served as an associate professor of library and information science at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dahlen's research addresses Korean adoption in children’s literature, Frank Carpenter and Frances Carpenter’s writings for children, and diversity in children's literature and library education. She is cofounder of the scholarly journal Research on Diversity in Youth Literature, with Gabrielle Atwood Halko; coeditor of Diversity in Youth Literature: Opening Doors Through Reading (2013), with Jamie Campbell Naidoo; and co-creator of the 2015 and 2018 Diversity in Children's Books Infographics, with David Huyck, which are based on data from the Cooperative Children's Book Center at the School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Her honors include the Leadership Award from the iSchool's Alumni Association (2016), Faculty Teaching and Advising Award from St. Catherine University (2021), and the Mentoring Award from the Children's Literature Association (2021). She has served on several children's book award committees and curates the youth literature programming at the Asian American Literature Festival hosted by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and the Library of Congress.

She holds an MS and PhD in library and information science from the University of Illinois and a BA and MA in Asian American Studies from UCLA.

Publications & Papers

Dahlen, Sarah Park and Paul Lai. (under contract and in progress). Asian Americans in Story: Context, Collections, and Community Engagement with Children’s and Young 
Adult Literature
. ALA Editions.

Dahlen, Sarah Park and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas (eds.) (2022). Harry Potter and the Other: Race, Justice, and Difference in the Wizarding World. University Press of Mississippi.

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Dahlen, Sarah Park. (2016). "Who Is 'The Other?' Alvin Ho: Not Allergic to Playing Indian, Feathers, and Other Stereotypical Things." In The Early Reader in Children's Literature and Culture, edited by Jennifer Miskec and Annette Wannamaker. Routledge Press. *This book received the Children's Literature Association Edited Book Honor in 2018.

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