IS 496 Topics in Human-Centered Design & Systems

Variety of newly developed and current topics courses within the field of human-centered design and systems, intended to augment the existing Information Sciences curricula.

Scheduled Offerings

  • Fall 2020

    • IS496DEO - Design for Social Interact Exp
      Mon, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
      Designing for Social Interactive Experience (4 hour section- Graduate Students and option for Undergraduates): From Facebook to TikTok, technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, technical solutions are designed to address real-world problems and to promote positive social change; on the other hand, technologies might have unwanted impacts on the society. This course covers theories, methods and state-of-the-art works in designing interactive technologies (e.g., conversational agents) for enhancing desirable social experiences. The course is taught with lecture, discussion, and *in-class studio participation (*when taught on-campus). Student will explore how to design conversational agents to mediate social interactions between different stakeholders (e.g., public service providers and community members) in a variety of contexts. The course prepares students to work as practitioners, academicians, or system designers in their future endeavors. Restricted to Information Scienc
      Yun Huang
      16 weeks
      Credit hours

Textbooks and Course Materials

Available from the Illinois Union Bookstore (IUB).