Course Catalog

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IS 509 History and Foundations of Information Science

Provides an introduction to the historical foundations of IS. Examinations of the interactions of socio-cultural, technological and professional factors underlying the emergence of IS provide a basis for exploring more recent developments in theory and practice. Required IS Ph.D. course.

IS 519 Research Design in Information Science

Provides an introduction to the design of IS research, beginning with an in-depth consideration of the philosophical and logical underpinnings of research. A brief survey of different methods used in IS research is followed by an exploration of research design issues through comparative hands-on exercises. Throughout the course, the emphasis will be on research design choices, especially the connections between research questions and research methods.

IS 529 Doctoral ProSeminar

A core course for all first year Information Science PhD students. The seminar serves as a venue for the development of a variety of skills and capacities to succeed as a scholar. Throughout the term, students will engage in a series of tasks designed as an initiation to the academic profession. The seminar offers a mix of sessions on progression through the Ph.D. degree program, the research process, guidance on the academic profession, and written and oral presentation of scholarly research. While students will receive feedback from the instructor, this is a seminar, meaning that active student participation and peer feedback is crucial.