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With your help, our graduates become leaders in the field who offer their talents to make a difference in the world. Your financial support assists with tuition, books, career development, professional travel, and awards—all of which makes a real difference in the student experience and in the ongoing excellence of our School.

Your support makes a difference. With Illinois, we can change the world.

Endless opportunities for social good are possible through partnerships with the iSchool. We hope you will participate in the University's fundraising campaign by making a gift to support our School's priorities: accessible education, student experience, and faculty support. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world.

In recognition of the support she received as a student, Paralympian Amanda McGrory (MS '18) presented her Order of Ikkos medal to the iSchool.

The Annual Fund is used to support activities and programs benefiting students and faculty during the academic year, especially initiatives that are new and innovative. Gifts to this fund come from alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends who wish to send a message—as well as money—in support of the education available at the School. If your company offers a matching gift program, your support can have even a bigger impact, often doubling or tripling your initial donation. Making a gift, of any size, sends a message of support to the School. Every dollar counts!

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  • The iSchool Annual Fund supports activities and programs benefiting students, alumni, and faculty throughout the academic year.

  • Provide scholarship assistance to students in the iSchool.

  • This award is designed to build on distinction, and to assist scholars to complete work that will make a difference in the library and information science field.

  • Contributions will be used to fund the Anne Boyd Award (outstanding graduate of the year) and Kathryn Luther and William T Henderson Awards (given to students who have a demonstrated record of service to the community through professional activities.)

  • This award provides travel support for master's students in library and information science.

  • Provides an annual award to a Chinese graduate of the iSchool.

  • Provides emergency financial assistance for students enrolled in the School.

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Paige Dhyne

I am honored to have received a scholarship. Since starting at the iSchool, I now realize that I was only limited financially—the sky is truly the limit here—and the scholarship reduced my limitations. I hope I can reciprocate that one day for someone else.

Paige Dhyne, current student and iSchool scholarship recipient

Questions about giving? I can help.

Jill Gengler, Director of Alumni Affairs
Jill Gengler, Director of Alumni Affairs