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Connecting with the iSchool provides your organization with the opportunity to engage top talent in the information sciences. It's a partnership that has a big reach—and big benefits.

Expertise to meet your needs

iSchool students possess experience in areas ranging from computer science and engineering to business, linguistics, psychology, sociology, English, and more. Our interdisciplinary student body works in teams to solve tomorrow's problems in data science, information management, information architecture, competitive intelligence, knowledge management, information access and retrieval, and education. This expansive expertise and collaborative experience ensures their success and yours.

Big benefits for employers and students

"While the iSchool got me interested in learning the nitty-gritty of data science and how things worked, interning at John Deere helped me transition from an academic perspective to hands-on application of what I learned. My job duties included cleaning and analyzing agricultural data and finding ways to use these results in the company's apps and products."
Nandana Nallapu (MS '18)

"We like the variety of backgrounds and level of maturity represented by the iSchool MS/IM candidates. The combination of her professional experience before graduate school, her research since coming to Illinois, and the coursework of the iSchool made Nandana a great addition to our team."
Mark Moran, Associate Director and Manager of Data-Driven Innovation, John Deere Technology

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Our Career Services office promotes employment and experiential learning opportunities to students and alumni through Handshake, a free service that allows employers to post jobs, internships, and practica that are of interest to the iSchool community.

To begin the account registration process and to post a job, please access Handshake. To ensure that your job displays on the iSchool website, please select one of the following job functions: "library science," "information technology," or "data science and analytics." Help is available through Handshake's online guide.

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Michele Plante
Michele Plante, Assistant Director of Employer Relations