Minitalk: Regional libraries in post-apartheid Namibia

The University of Illinois iSchool and the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs continue the Libraries, Literatures and literacies Minitalks. Join us!

This week's topic is "Regional libraries in post-apartheid Namibia: Supporting national development goals" with Veno Kauaria.

Veno Kauaria is deputy permanent minister for lifelong learning, arts and culture in Namibia, where she also chairs the UNESCO Commission for Culture.  Also in Namibia she established and ran the US Embassy's library for many years and then oversaw the operations of three new regional public libraries.

Minitalks are 15 minutes of presentation plus 15 minutes of discussion for 30 minutes of learning.  Open to all interested parties. A full schedule of talks in English and Spanish is available online.

This event is sponsored by iSchool & Mortenson Center