Beckman Seminar

Senior Lecturer Judith Pintar will give the talk, "The Appeal of an Endless Horizon: Collaborative Game Design as Meta-hodological Play," as part of Beckman Institute's Curious and Eclectic Seminar Series. The seminar is open to the public, and lunch will be provided.

In her talk, Pintar compares collaborative knowledge practices in science and in game design. Resting on the notion of knowledge production as intrinsically narratological and spatial, meta-hodology is defined as the awareness of the narrative paths through which knowledge is created. Pintar will discuss her use of game design techniques and narrative network analysis in the classroom, and in her research, which maps information flow, boundary-making, and desire paths both in crowdsourcing websites, and in the world-building collaborations of game designers.

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This event is sponsored by Beckman Institute