Resume Reviews and Mock Interviews with State Farm

Sign up for resume reviews or mock interviews at the iSchool with State Farm on January 22. They will be bringing multiple staff members, so please indicate your area of interest in one of the following:

  • Kamie is the strategic resources supervisor--she is looking for UX students who are curious, have an ability to extract research data, are strong writers, and love to research.
  • Greg is the internal audit manager, looking for Data Curator/Data Science, IT, & Competitive Intelligence candidates who are willing and able to tackle a constantly evolving internal audit program and develop their skills along with it.
  • David is the the P&C actuary supervisor at the Research & Development Center, and is looking for interns in Information Management, IT, & Data Science. These students will conduct research and actuarial reviews which have the potential to be presented within the SF Corporate environment.

Sign up online for a resume review or mock interview.

Questions? Contact Michele Plante

This event is sponsored by iSchool Career Services