Inkyung Choi Presentation

Inkyung Choi will give the talk, "Socio-technical LIS with multicultural views."

Abstract: This presentation talks about what I believe the most important quality of LIS given the current challenges and trends. The nature of LIS is socio-technical and it's the key to thrive in digital information environments. The presentation briefly discuss how I have addressed socio-technical approaches. Also, this talk discusses how my experiences in research and teaching would help the schools’ vision on multicultural perspectives.

Inkyung Choi received her PhD from the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. She also holds a master's in library and information science from Syracuse University. Her research interests stem from intellectual curiosity about social and cultural pluralistic perspectives, which influence ways of organizing knowledge. Her dissertation research is a mixed method study to investigate in what ways a globalized knowledge organization (KO) system can be adapted into a culturally different regional environment and what are the impacts of sociocultural factors on the adaptation of the system. She has taught core courses for the Master of Library and Information Science program and Bachelor of Information Science and Technology program. At the graduate level, she taught Organization of Information (face-to-face and online). At the undergraduate level, she has taught Introduction to Information Science and Technology (face-to-face and online) and Organization of Knowledge (face-to-face and online).